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Polynesian Pantheon

Hina edited
(Goddess of fertility, childbirth, and the moon)
(The Demigod of Creation)
(The Volcano Goddess, The Fire Goddess, The Creator of Life)
Waka edited
(Lizard Goddess)

Polynesian mythology is a rich and diverse collection of beliefs and legends that have been passed down from generation to generation in the Polynesian islands. These myths and legends revolve around powerful gods and goddesses who wield immense power over the natural world and the lives of the people.

The Polynesian pantheon of gods and goddesses includes powerful beings such as Maui, Pele, Hina, and many others who are revered and worshipped by the Polynesian people. These gods and goddesses are central to Polynesian culture and play a significant role in shaping the beliefs, traditions, and daily lives of the Polynesian people. Whether they are worshipped for their ability to control the elements, or invoked for protection and guidance, the Polynesian gods and goddesses remain an important part of Polynesian culture to this day.

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