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Achlys, Primordial goddess of death and misery and poison

Achlys, Primordial goddess of death and misery and poison
  • Pantheon: Greek Pantheon
  • Deity Title: Primordial goddess of death and misery and poison
  • Deity Symbol: A black mist or veil
  • Home Plane: Unknown/Primordial Chaos
  • Deity Level: Greater Deity
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Aliases: Achlysis, Achlyss, Mist of Death, Poison of the Night, The Eternal Night, The Poisonous One
  • Superior: None
  • Traditional Allies: Eris, Thanatos, Nemesis
  • Traditional Foes: Asclepius, Apollo, Hygieia
  • Divine Artifact: The Cestus of Agony, a magical gauntlet that can cause intense pain and suffering to its victims.
  • Servants: None specifically devoted to her, but she has influence over all creatures that bring death and misery, such as the Furies and other dark spirits.
  • Servitor Creatures: Spirits of disease and pestilence
  • Sacred Animal: None specifically devoted to her, but she has control over all creatures associated with death and decay, such as snakes, scorpions, and carrion beetles.
  • Manifestations: Achlys can manifest as a black mist or fog that chokes and suffocates those in its presence. She can also appear as a dark, shrouded figure wielding a scythe.
  • Signs of Favor: A sense of impending doom or an eerie mist surrounding an individual or location.
  • Worshipers: None officially recognized, but those who seek to spread death and misery may pay homage to Achlys.
  • Cleric Alignments: Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil
  • Specialty Priests: Those who specialize in the worship of Achlys may gain the ability to inflict great pain and suffering upon their enemies, as well as the ability to spread disease and decay.
  • Holy Days: There are no recognized holy days for Achlys, but some may celebrate her influence during the winter months when death and decay are most prevalent.
  • Portfolio: Death, misery, decay, suffering, and the inevitable end of all things.
  • Domains: Death, Evil, Decay, Pestilence, Poison
  • Favored Weapon: Dagger
  • Favored Class: Cleric
  • Favored Race: Humans, Tieflings, and other dark and twisted beings
  • Duties of the Priesthood: Priests of Achlys are tasked with spreading death and misery wherever they can. They may seek to spread disease and decay, or simply bring about the end of all things.Create and distribute deadly poisons and diseases
  • Major Cult/Temple Sites: There are no recognized temples or cults devoted specifically to Achlys, but some may worship her in secret or in small, informal gatherings.
  • Benefits: Those who devote themselves to Achlys may gain the ability to inflict great pain and suffering upon their enemies, as well as the power to spread disease and decay. They may also gain the ability to see through the shrouds of death and decay to gain insight into the true nature of the universe.

Achlys, the personification of misery and sadness, is a being of great power and influence in the realm of gods and mortals alike. She is often depicted as a shadowy figure, draped in black garments and shrouded in a dense fog, her features hidden in the darkness. Achlys is a being of great sorrow and pain, her very presence invoking feelings of despair and hopelessness in those around her.

Despite her fearsome reputation, Achlys is not an evil deity. Rather, she is a neutral force in the universe, a symbol of the inevitable suffering that comes with existence. Her role is to remind mortals of the fleeting nature of happiness and the inevitability of pain and sorrow.

Achlys has no grand ambitions or goals, and she does not seek to increase her power or influence. Instead, she simply exists, a constant reminder of the fragility of life and the inevitability of death. She takes no pleasure in causing misery and pain, but rather sees it as an essential part of the natural order of things.

Achlys is often depicted as a tall, thin figure with pale skin and long, dark hair. She wears a tattered black cloak that seems to blend with the shadows around her, and her eyes are a piercing, icy blue. Her features are sharp and angular, giving her an almost skeletal appearance, and she moves with a slow, deliberate grace.

Though she is often feared and avoided by mortals and gods alike, Achlys is also respected for her power and her role in the universe. She is called upon by those who seek to understand the deeper meaning of suffering, and her wisdom is highly valued by those who seek to find solace in times of grief and hardship.

Currently in the World

In the 1450s, Achlys continues to observe the world with a watchful eye, searching for signs that the time has come for her to make her move. She sees the rampant disease and poverty that plagues Europe and recognizes it as a sign of the world’s weakness. She whispers her dark thoughts into the ears of those who are willing to listen, sowing seeds of discord and misery wherever she goes.

As the Black Death ravages Europe, Achlys sees her chance to bring about the great reckoning she has been waiting for. She revels in the suffering of the masses, believing that it is a necessary step towards the creation of her new world order. She whispers to those who are dying, promising them a place in her dark realm if they embrace the suffering and welcome the darkness.

Achlys works behind the scenes, manipulating the hearts and minds of those in power to sow chaos and discord. She believes that a world in turmoil is a world ripe for change, and that the suffering of the masses is the necessary price to pay for the creation of a new world. She is patient and methodical, biding her time until the world is ready for her to make her move.

Despite the danger that Achlys poses, there are those who are drawn to her dark power. They see her as a force of change, a necessary evil that will bring about a new era of strength and resilience. These cults and followers do her bidding, spreading her message of darkness and suffering to all who will listen.

As the 1450s draw to a close, Achlys continues to wait and watch. She knows that the time for her to act is coming soon, and that the suffering of the world will only increase as she moves closer to her ultimate goal. She is patient and unrelenting, and she will not stop until her vision of a new world order is realized.

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