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Hœnir, “God of Silence, Thought and Perception”

Hœnir, "God of Silence, Thought and Perception"
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  • Pantheon: Norse mythology
  • Deity Title: God of Silence, Thought and Perception
  • Deity Symbol: An open book, a closed mouth, an eye
  • Home Plane: Asgard
  • Deity Level: One of the Vanir
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Aliases: None specified
  • Superior: None specified
  • Traditional Allies: Odin, Loki
  • Traditional Foes: None specified
  • Divine Artifact: A staff of solid silver
  • Servants: None specified
  • Servitor Creatures: None specified
  • Sacred Animal: Raven
  • Manifestations: A whisper on the wind, a sudden hush, an all-seeing eye
  • Signs of Favor: A sudden insight, a moment of clarity, a heightened sense of perception
  • Worshipers: Monks, sages, scholars, diplomats, spies
  • Cleric Alignments: Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good, Lawful Good
  • Specialty Priests: Silent monks, diplomats, inquisitors
  • Holy Days: The first day of each month, Midsummer’s Eve
  • Portfolio: Silence, Thought, Perception, Diplomacy, Strategy
  • Domains: Knowledge, Mind, Protection, Travel
  • Favored Weapon: Staff
  • Favored Class: Cleric
  • Favored Race: Humans, Aasimar
  • Duties of the Priesthood: Preserve knowledge and wisdom, seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts, meditate and practice silence, aid those in need of protection and defense, uncover and thwart secret plots and conspiracies
  • Major Cult/Temple Sites: The Tower of Silence, The Silent Monastery
  • Benefits: Increased ability to read thoughts and emotions, enhanced diplomacy and negotiation skills, heightened awareness and perception, resistance to mind-affecting spells and abilities, ability to become invisible while standing still and remaining silent.

Hœnir is a towering figure in Norse mythology, known for his association with wisdom and his role in the creation of humans. He is often depicted as a tall, handsome man with a quiet, contemplative demeanor. As a member of the Aesir, Hœnir takes his responsibilities seriously, and he is always looking for ways to further the interests of his pantheon.

Despite his power and status, Hœnir is often overshadowed by his more famous peers, such as Odin and Thor. However, he remains a vital member of the Aesir, providing wisdom and guidance to his fellow gods whenever they seek his counsel.

As a god of wisdom, Hœnir is deeply concerned with the fate of mortals. He believes that humans have the potential to achieve great things, and he works tirelessly to ensure that they have the knowledge and guidance they need to succeed. Whether through the teaching of new skills or the offering of sage advice, Hœnir is always looking for ways to help mortals improve their lot in life.

Hœnir is a tall and handsome man, with piercing blue eyes and long, flowing hair. He carries himself with a regal bearing, and his quiet, contemplative demeanor gives him an air of wisdom and authority. His features are chiseled and angular, and his physique is impressive, with broad shoulders and a muscular build.

Despite his seemingly altruistic goals, Hœnir is not without his flaws. He can be indecisive at times, and his quiet, introspective nature can sometimes make it difficult for him to take decisive action. Nevertheless, his wisdom and compassion make him a beloved figure among mortals and gods alike.

Hœnir, Norse God of Silence, Thought and Perception


Large celestial, neutral

Armor Class: 30 (divine armor)

Hit Points: 900 (60d10 + 540)

Speed: 60 ft., fly 120 ft.

30 (+10)28 (+9)30 (+10)30 (+10)30 (+10)30 (+10)

Skills: Insight +20, Perception +20

Senses: truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 30

Languages: all, telepathy 120 ft.

Divine Aura. He can grant a bonus to ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws to all allies within 30 feet equal to their Wisdom modifier (minimum of +1).

Silent Thought. He can communicate telepathically with any creature within 120 feet that speaks a language.

Divine Awareness: He has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks and cannot be surprised.

Silent Observer: Hœnir can cast the silence spell at will, centered on himself or any point he can see within 120 feet.

Thoughtful Influence: Hœnir can cast the following spells at will: detect thoughts, suggestion, dominate person, modify memory.

Perceptive Intellect: He can read the surface thoughts of any creature within 60 feet of him, as well as gain insight into their intentions, emotions, and memories. He also has advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) and Wisdom (Insight) checks.


Multiattack. Hœnir can use his divine energy to make 4 attacks.

  • Divine Strike. Melee Weapon Attack: +25 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 40 (8d8 + 10) radiant damage.
  • Divine Blast. Ranged Spell Attack: +25 to hit, range 120 ft., one target. Hit: 40 (8d8 + 10) radiant damage.
  • Divine Presence. Hœnir can use his divine power to force all creatures within 120 feet to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 30) or be charmed and incapacitated for 1 minute.
  • Divine Intervention. Hœnir can call upon his divine power to cause a single event to occur within a 1 mile radius. This can range from an earthquake to the appearance of an army of angels.

Legendary Actions

Hœnir can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. Hœnir regains spent legendary actions at the start of his turn.

  • Perception Shift. Hœnir can alter the perception of one creature within 120 feet, causing them to believe something that is not true.
  • Thought Form. Hœnir creates a duplicate of himself within 120 feet. The duplicate is intangible and can move through objects.
  • Silent Step. Hœnir moves up to his speed without making a sound, becoming invisible until the start of his next turn.
  • Perceptive Mind. Hœnir uses his Thoughtful Influence ability without expending a spell slot.
  • Mental Blast (Costs 2 Actions). Hœnir releases a psychic wave in a 60-foot cone. Each creature in that area must make a DC 30 Intelligence saving throw, taking 50 (10d10) psychic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

Divine Artifacts

Divine Artifact: Staff of Perception

Hœnir’s staff is a finely crafted rod of birch, adorned with feathers and runes. The staff grants Hœnir an additional spellcasting focus and imbues him with the power to perceive all things, even those beyond the reach of mortal senses. While wielding the staff, Hœnir can cast the clairvoyance and scrying spells at will, and gains advantage on all Intelligence (Investigation) and Wisdom (Perception) checks.

Challenge Rating: 35

Regional Effects

The region around Hœnir is affected by his divine power, altering the perception and thought of creatures within it. These effects last as long as Hœnir is present:

  • Creatures have disadvantage on Wisdom saving throws.
  • Creatures within 1 mile of Hœnir have advantage on Insight and Perception checks.
  • All sound within the region is muffled and whispers cannot be heard beyond 10 feet. Any spells or abilities that rely on sound or language are affected as if the Silence spell were active within a 1-mile radius of Hœnir.


In the early 1450s, Hœnir finds himself in the midst of great upheaval and change. He has long been a trusted advisor to the ruling council of Asgard, lending his wisdom and insight to the most pressing matters of state. But as the winds of war begin to blow across the Nine Realms, Hœnir knows that he must act decisively if he hopes to safeguard the interests of his people.

With his faithful companion Mimir at his side, Hœnir travels to the mortal world, seeking to forge alliances with the great powers of Europe. He attends secret meetings with the kings and queens of the day, offering them his counsel and promising the might of Asgard in their times of need. His efforts bear fruit, and soon he is able to broker a fragile peace between the warring factions, securing the safety of his homeland and its people.

But even as he works tirelessly to maintain the delicate balance of power, Hœnir knows that there are greater forces at work in the universe. He senses a darkness lurking on the horizon, a threat that could consume all of creation if left unchecked. And so he redoubles his efforts, using his vast knowledge and experience to uncover the secrets of this ominous force and prepare Asgard for the coming storm.

For Hœnir, there is no greater goal than the preservation of his people and the world they inhabit. He knows that the road ahead will be long and treacherous, but he is determined to see it through to the end, no matter the cost. And so he sets forth, his eyes fixed on the horizon, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

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