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Mani, “God of the Moon”

Mani, "God of the Moon"
  • Pantheon: Norse mythology
  • Deity Title: God of the Moon
  • Deity Symbol: Crescent moon
  • Home Plane: N/A (resides in the realm of Asgard)
  • Deity Level: Intermediate
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Aliases: Máni, Mane
  • Superior: N/A (worshipped as a standalone deity)
  • Traditional Allies: Njord, Freyr, Freyja, Odin, Thor
  • Traditional Foes: Fenrir, Jörmungandr, Surtr
  • Divine Artifact: Mani’s Glowing Silver Orb
  • Servants: N/A (none specifically associated with Mani)
  • Servitor Creatures: N/A (none specifically associated with Mani)
  • Sacred Animal: Hare
  • Manifestations: Shining silver light, especially during the full moon; ability to cause madness or lunacy
  • Signs of Favor: Increased clarity of mind, ability to navigate through the dark, protection during nighttime travel
  • Worshipers: Seafarers, travelers, poets, lunatics
  • Cleric Alignments: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral
  • Specialty Priests: Moon-singers, silver wizards
  • Holy Days: Full moon nights, Lunar New Year (January/February)
  • Portfolio: Moon, travel, poetry, madness
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Moon, Travel
  • Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
  • Favored Class: Bard
  • Favored Race: Elves
  • Duties of the Priesthood: Sing hymns to the moon, guide travelers through the dark, heal those afflicted with madness
  • Major Cult/Temple Sites: Stone circles, lunar observatories, coastal cliffs
  • Benefits: Increased resistance to madness, ability to navigate through the dark with ease, enhanced poetic abilities.

Mani is a Norse deity, god of the moon, and sibling to the sun goddess, Sol. He is depicted as a youthful and handsome man, always carrying a glowing moon in his hand. Mani is responsible for the waxing and waning of the moon, and his role in Norse mythology is to illuminate the night and guide souls to the afterlife. He is known for his calm and gentle demeanor, but also for his introverted and reserved nature.

As a god of the moon, Mani is deeply connected to the cycles of nature, and he takes great pleasure in watching over the earth as it changes with the phases of the moon. He is fascinated by the different creatures that inhabit the world, and spends much of his time observing them from afar. Mani is also deeply devoted to his sister, Sol, and often works in tandem with her to ensure the balance between light and dark is maintained.

Mani appears as a youthful, handsome man with shimmering silver hair, pale skin, and piercing blue eyes that seem to glow in the moonlight. He is often dressed in simple white robes and carries a glowing silver orb in his hand, which represents the moon.

While Mani is a relatively passive deity, he is still deeply committed to his duties and takes great pride in his work. His ultimate goal is to ensure that the natural order of the world is maintained, and that all living things are able to thrive under the light of his moon. He is content to work quietly behind the scenes, but will not hesitate to take action if he believes that the balance of nature is threatened.


Mani’s Glowing Silver Orb

Aura: Strong evocation and divination CL: 20th Slot: – (artifact) Weight: 5 lbs.

Description: This artifact appears as a perfect, smooth sphere of pure silver, about the size of a large grapefruit. It glows with a soft, silvery light that illuminates everything within 20 feet of it, even through solid barriers. The orb is warm to the touch and hums with a faint, otherworldly energy.


  • Moonlight Blessing: Once per day, the orb can cast a Greater Restoration spell on a creature within 60 feet, restoring all lost levels and healing all ability score damage.
  • Divination: The orb has the ability to answer one question per day, as if using the Divination spell.
  • Lunar Energy: The orb can emit a 60-foot radius aura of moonlight that grants all creatures within the area advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks and Dexterity (Stealth) checks, and imposes disadvantage on attack rolls against them. This effect lasts for 1 hour and can be activated once per day.
  • Silver Tongue: Whenever a creature within 60 feet of the orb speaks, their words are amplified and can be heard clearly by all other creatures within that range. Additionally, the speaker gains advantage on all Charisma-based checks while in range of the orb.
  • Lunar Healing: Whenever a creature within 20 feet of the orb is healed, they receive an additional 1d8 hit points of healing.

Special Purpose: The orb was created by Mani to aid those who worshiped him and to promote peace and understanding between all peoples. It has the power to heal, to see the truth of things, and to protect those in its vicinity. Its ultimate purpose is to bring harmony and balance to the world, and it will work tirelessly towards this goal, even if it means sacrificing itself in the process.


As an eternal being, Mani observes the world from the celestial plane where he resides. From his lofty position, he watches over the planet Earth, taking note of the ever-changing landscape and the evolution of its inhabitants.

In the 1450s, Mani is particularly interested in the burgeoning Renaissance movement, as he is fascinated by the newfound human interest in science, art, and literature. He observes with great interest as the printing press is invented and knowledge becomes more easily accessible to the masses.

Mani’s desire is for humanity to continue to evolve and grow, to explore the mysteries of the universe and unlock the secrets of the cosmos. He believes that knowledge is the key to unlocking the potential of the human race, and so he watches over the scholars, artists, and inventors of the time, guiding them towards new discoveries and insights.

Despite his lofty position, Mani remains humble and approachable, always willing to listen to the concerns and aspirations of those on Earth. He takes pride in being a source of inspiration and guidance for humanity, and his presence is felt by those who seek to better themselves and their world.

As the centuries pass, Mani remains a steadfast guardian and guide for humanity, watching over its progress with a keen eye and a hopeful heart.

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