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Heidrun, The Celestial Goat

“Heidrun: The Mythical Goat that Produces Mead in Norse Heaven!”

  • Pantheon: Norse Pantheon
  • Title: The Sacred Goat of Odin
  • Symbol: A radiant, golden horn
  • Home Plane: Asgard, the realm of the gods
  • Level: Celestial being, revered by the gods
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Aliases: The Abundant Guardian, The Divine Nourisher
  • Superior: Odin, the All-Father
  • Traditional Allies: Valkyries, benevolent deities of the Norse Pantheon
  • Traditional Foes: Dark forces and entities seeking to disrupt the balance of nature
  • Divine Artifact: None
  • Servants: Celestial creatures and spirits residing in Asgard
  • Servitor Creatures: None
  • Sacred Animal: Goats, especially those with pure white coats
  • Manifestations: A soothing aura of tranquility and abundance, radiating calming energies
  • Portfolio: Abundance, Fertility, Nourishment, Connection to Nature
  • Domains: Life, Nature, Light
  • Favored Weapon: Hooves and horns (unarmed attacks)
  • Favored Class: Cleric, Druid
  • Favored Race: Any race with a reverence for nature and divine beings
  • Gender: Female
  • Abode/Base of Operations: The celestial plains of Asgard, near Yggdrasil, the World Tree
  • Affiliation(s): Norse Gods, the realms of Asgard and Midgard
  • Significant Others: Odin, the All-Father, and the valkyries who care for her in Asgard

Heidrun is a majestic and wondrous creature, hailing from the celestial realm of Asgard in Norse mythology. As the sacred goat of Odin, she exudes an aura of divine tranquility and abundance. Standing tall with an ethereal grace, she possesses a large, powerful frame adorned with a radiant, pure-white coat that shimmers like moonlight.

Her eyes, pools of ancient wisdom, seem to hold the secrets of the cosmos, reflecting the interconnectedness of all living beings. Proud and regal, her curved horns spiral gracefully upwards, symbolizing her celestial connection and divine nature. Each horn is adorned with mystical markings, hinting at her significance in the divine pantheon.

Heidrun moves with serene grace, her steps accompanied by a gentle sound like distant bells chiming, creating an otherworldly atmosphere around her. Her presence emits a soothing and comforting sensation, calming even the most troubled souls in her vicinity.

Despite her immense size and strength, Heidrun’s nature is one of serenity and benevolence. She embodies the nurturing aspect of nature, providing a sense of peace and abundance to the gods and mortals alike. Her temperament is gentle and kind, demonstrating a boundless patience that befits her sacred role.

In the celestial plains of Asgard, Heidrun spends her days grazing on the leaves of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, which sustains the cosmos. Her endless milk flows freely, filling the great cauldron, Sæhrímnir, with the finest mead, nourishing the fallen warriors in Valhalla. As a symbol of fertility and nourishment, she is revered by the gods and respected by all who dwell in the realms of Asgard and beyond.

Heidrun’s celestial grace and divine connection make her an awe-inspiring presence in the Norse mythology, reminding all who encounter her of the harmonious balance between the celestial and earthly realms. She is a guardian of prosperity, guiding the cycle of life, and an embodiment of the eternal bond between nature and the divine.

Heiðrún consumes the leaves of Læraðr atop Valhalla in an illustration from an 18th-century Icelandic manuscript. Heidrun
Heiðrún consumes the leaves of Læraðr atop Valhalla in an illustration from an 18th-century Icelandic manuscript.

Large Celestial, Neutral Good

Armor Class: 18 (natural armor)

Hit Points: 210 (20d10 + 100)

Speed: 60 ft.

22 (+6)16 (+3)20 (+5)16 (+3)22 (+6)20 (+5)

Saving Throws: Dex +9, Con +11, Wis +12, Cha +10
Skills: Perception +12, Insight +12
Senses: Darkvision 120 ft., Passive Perception 22
Languages: Celestial, understands Common but cannot speak

Challenge Rating: 13

Immunities: Poison, Psychic
Condition Immunities: Charmed, Frightened


Multiattack. Heidrun makes two hoof attacks.

Hoof. Melee Weapon Attack: +11 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 28 (4d8 + 6) bludgeoning damage.

Charge. Melee Weapon Attack: +11 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 33 (4d10 + 6) bludgeoning damage. If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 18 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.


Heidrun can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time, and only at the end of another creature’s turn. Heidrun regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

  • Healing Touch. Heidrun touches a creature, magically healing it for 5d10+10 hit points.
  • Lunar Grace. Heidrun gains advantage on her next Dexterity saving throw or ability check.
  • Guidance of Yggdrasil. Heidrun grants inspiration to one creature within 60 feet, allowing them to add 1d6 to one ability check, saving throw, or attack roll.


Heidrun is a magnificent celestial goat, her pure-white coat shimmering like the stars in the night sky. Her eyes gleam with ancient wisdom and compassion. Divine symbols mark her graceful horns, signifying her connection to the gods of Asgard. She emits a soothing aura of tranquility, bringing peace to all who encounter her.


Heidrun is revered as the sacred goat of Odin, embodying abundance, fertility, and nourishment in Norse mythology. Her endless milk fills the cauldron of Sæhrímnir, providing the fallen warriors in Valhalla with the finest mead. As a celestial creature, she symbolizes the harmonious bond between the divine and natural realms.


Heidrun grazes in the divine realm of Asgard, dwelling near the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Her presence ensures the prosperity of the heavenly realm, and she is tended to by the valkyries who honor her as the celestial caretaker of the afterlife’s sacred feasts.

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