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Goddess, Bestla (Titan – Frost Giant)

Goddess, Bestla (Titan - Frost Giant)
  • Pantheon: Norse mythology
  • Deity Title: Bestla, Queen of the Frost Giants
  • Deity Symbol: An ice crystal or a giant’s footprint
  • Home Plane: Jotunheim, the land of the giants
  • Deity Level: Intermediate
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Aliases: None
  • Superior: None
  • Traditional Allies: The Frost Giants, Bor, Odin, Ve, Vili
  • Traditional Foes: The Aesir, particularly Thor
  • Divine Artifact: None
  • Servants: Frost giants, winter wolves, ice elementals
  • Servitor Creatures: None
  • Sacred Animal: The white wolf
  • Manifestations: Bestla rarely appears to mortals, but her presence is often accompanied by the sudden drop in temperature and the appearance of frost and ice.
  • Signs of Favor: Bestla shows her favor through the success of her followers in battle, particularly against the Aesir.
  • Worshipers: Frost giants and those who revere their strength and power.
  • Cleric Alignments: Lawful Neutral
  • Specialty Priests: Those who follow Bestla are known for their physical strength and ability to withstand cold temperatures.
  • Holy Days: The winter solstice is considered a holy day for followers of Bestla.
  • Portfolio: Frost Giants, winter, ice
  • Domains: Cold, Strength, War
  • Favored Weapon: Battleaxe
  • Favored Class: Barbarian
  • Favored Race: Frost Giants
  • Duties of the Priesthood: The priests of Bestla are tasked with preserving the strength and power of the Frost Giants, and ensuring that their followers are prepared for battle against their enemies.
  • Major Cult/Temple Sites: Bestla is primarily worshipped in the frozen wastes of Jotunheim, where her temples are constructed from ice and stone.
  • Benefits: Followers of Bestla are blessed with incredible physical strength and endurance, as well as a resistance to cold temperatures. They are also granted the ability to call upon ice elementals and winter wolves to aid them in battle.

As the mother of the three Aesir Gods, Bestla was instrumental in Odin’s rise to power. She set before Odin the difficult task of killing Ymir, the father of all giants, at the behest of the Norns. In doing so, she became known as the Kingmaker, both in the literal sense of raising her son to kingship and in the sense of wielding great influence over the affairs of the gods.

Bestla is exacting and strict, with a meticulous and infinitely calculating nature. She possesses a will that rivals that of her son Odin, and her character is defined by a fierce determination to ensure that her children and her people are safe and prosperous. As a giantess, she is also fiercely proud of her heritage and fiercely protective of her people, the frost giants.

Despite her imposing nature and her fierce devotion to her family and people, Bestla is not without compassion. She is known to be kind and nurturing to those who show her respect and loyalty. However, she is quick to anger and does not tolerate disrespect or disloyalty from anyone.

Bestla is a towering figure, even for a frost giant, standing at over 25 feet tall. Her skin is a pale blueish-white, covered in a layer of frost and ice that glitters in the light. Her eyes are piercing and bright blue, set beneath a thick ridge of brow that emphasizes her sharp gaze. Her hair is long and stark white, pulled back in a severe braid that falls down her back to her waist.

Her body is muscular and imposing, with broad shoulders and a thick neck that add to her intimidating presence. She wears a simple dress made of furs and leather, adorned with jewels and symbols of her power, but eschews the elaborate adornments of the Aesir. Despite her icy exterior, there is a fierce beauty to Bestla, a majesty that commands respect and fear from all who behold her.

In the end, Bestla’s ultimate goal is to ensure the survival and prosperity of her family and people. She is willing to use all of her considerable intelligence, strength, and influence to achieve this goal, and she will stop at nothing to protect those she loves.

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