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Lightning Rod

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005

Formed of seven two-foot long segments, the lightning rod, once put together, forms a thin steel rod nearly 14 feet long. The bottom segment has a spike on it, allowing it to be easily driven into the ground.

Adventurers being the way they are, the lightning rod has become less a means of avoiding the chaotic wrath of nature and more a means of foiling electricity-based magical attacks. Any electrical attack, such as a lightning bolt spell, directed at a character within ten feet of an assembled and emplaced lightning rod will have some of its damage bled off into the rod itself. One hit point from each die of electrical damage (with a minimum of one point of damage per die) is directed through the lightning rod and into the ground. Therefore, a lightning bolt spell that would normally deal 5d6 points of electrical damage instead deals 5d6-5 points of damage to all characters within ten feet of an assembled and emplaced lightning rod.

Assembling a lightning rod from its seven segments requires two full-round actions to complete, though it is possible for two characters to work on it at the same time, thus completing the rod in a single round. Emplacing the rod requires a move equivalent action.

Lightning Rod: 75gp; 15 lb.

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