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String, unicorn Mane

unicorn, dream, sky

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005

Strings woven of unicorn mane combine a heavy, earthy tone on the low notes with an almost inaudible whispering noise, like a breeze in the forest, on the higher notes. It is also amazingly strong, as durable as silk rope. Any bard playing an instrument equipped with strings of unicorn mane can make use of some of the remarkable properties of these strings, but bards who also have levels as druids or rangers are the only ones able to completely utilise the abilities of unicorn mane strings. The first aspect of these strings, useful to all bards, is the enhancement unicorn mane strings grant to countersong attempts. All Perform skill checks made while attempting to use countersong grant the bard using these strings a +2 circumstance bonus on the skill check. Bards who combine their abilities with levels of druid or ranger will find that their wild empathy abilities are greatly enhanced when playing an instrument equipped with unicorn mane strings, granting them a +3 circumstance bonus on the check.

Unicorn Mane: 250 gp per string

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