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Outlaw, By Rembrandt - [1], Public Domain,
By Rembrandt – [1], Public Domain,

Lurking at the edge of civilised lands, the outlaw is the scourge of travellers, merchants, and caravans. He and his band of followers live off the fat of the land, taking what they want and doing as they please.

The Quintessential Rogue
Author Michael Mearls
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2002

Most outlaws are hunted by the law and usually have steep prices on their heads, drawing bounty hunters to them like flies. While outlaws generally break the law with a callous disregard for justice, some fight as fugitives against a repressive regime or evil overlord. While labelled as bandits by their enemies, in truth these outlaws care more for the good of all and the prosperity of the people than the supposed authorities. The outlaw relies on his name and reputation to cow his enemies and gain the support of oppressed peoples. Good outlaws enjoy the love and respect of peasants and commoners, while evil ones have an excellent reputation amongst cut throats and other criminals.

Adventuring: Evil outlaws adventure to gain treasure and uncover items that help them pursue their crimes. While most adventurers seek their fortune in dungeons, unexplored wilderness, and other isolated areas, an evil outlaw sees a poorly guarded caravan or an isolated border town as tempting a target for an adventure as a dusty old tomb. Good outlaws try to tie their adventures in with their struggle against an oppressive regime, targeting their enemies or embarking on quests for magic items or treasures that improve their chances of toppling their enemies.

Role-Playing: Most outlaws are independent, Charismatic characters who cut a dashing figure. Few outlaws operate alone, and most have a strong personality that draws followers to them. Evil outlaws are cruel and coarse but possess a strong personality that attracts and cows thugs and other flunkies. Good outlaws are heroic beacons of hope for oppressed people, drawing followers to their cause with their strong example as a brave, irrepressible fighter against injustice.

Bonuses: Outlaws learn to survive far from the comforts of civilisation. They rarely venture into cities, as doing so courts disaster. The Prying Eyes of their enemies cannot penetrate into the wilderness, but in urban areas informants and town guards stand by, ready to bring the outlaw to justice. The outlaw gains Wilderness Lore as a class skill. He also gains proficiency with two simple or martial weapons of his choice.

Penalties: While the outlaw moves through the lower rungs of society with ease, he suffers a severe disadvantage when trying to deal with the authorities. When dealing with those of a higher social station, he suffers a –2 competence modifier to all Diplomacy checks. Furthermore, each time the outlaw enters a city he must make a Disguise check (DC 10 + the outlaw’s level) or a bounty hunter recognises and attempts to apprehend him. The bounty hunter can be any class and is 1d4 levels higher or lower than the outlaw, with a minimum level of 1 and an equal chance of being higher or lower in level.

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