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Cleric, Visionary

Cleric, Visionary
de Madame Hélène Vincent (1893) Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant (1845-1902)

Even as a child, the visionary saw the world differently from those around him.

The Quintessential Cleric
Author Sam Witt
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2002

When other children were playing with their imaginary friends, the visionary was contemplating the natures of the gods. While his peers chased one another through the fields playing orcs and warriors, the visionary spent his days searching for the divine in the world around him. Later in life, the future cleric sought out religious leaders and badgered them with questions. Eventually, the visionary chose a religion that seemed to just ‘feel right’ and devoted himself to the priesthood.

Benefits: The visionary casts all spells from the Knowledge Domain as if he were one level higher than he actually is.

Penalties: The visionary is terribly unobservant when he is not trying to riddle out the secret meaning behind some bit of religious lore. As a result of his pre-occupation, the visionary suffers a -4 penalty to all Spot, Search, and Listen checks.

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