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Cleric, Vengeful Survivor

Cleric, Vengeful Survivor
Nikolai Nevrev (1830-1904) Princess Praskovya Yusupova before becoming a nun (on the wall, in the background, is an icon of the Last Judgement

The works of the gods sometimes leave much devastation in their wake, displacing entire populations and laying waste to kingdoms in their pursuit of one divine mandate or another.

The Quintessential Cleric
Author Sam Witt
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2002

The survivors of such incidents are normally unaware of what exactly happened, but there are those who learn the truth and are disgusted by the knowledge. These survivors have vowed vengeance against the divine agency responsible for their suffering and have sought out the only source of power that might allow them exact their revenge: a rival deity. The survivor is less interested in serving a particular god than they are in opposing the interests of the god who wronged them, leaving them on the fringes of their new religion and regarded with some distrust by their new-found allies.

Benefits: The vengeful survivor is built on willpower fuelled by hatred. This extreme inner strength provides a +1 natural bonus to the survivor’s Will saves.

Penalties: Whenever the survivor sees a member of the religion he is so violently opposed to, he must make a successful Will save (DC 10 if the individual is a simple member of a congregation, DC 15 if he is a cleric or paladin) or immediately confront the target. Note that this does not mean that the survivor will start a fight, merely that he will make his displeasure known to the member of the hated religion in no uncertain terms, regardless of any problems this may cause for the vengeful survivor or his companions.

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