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Cleric, Divine Revolutionary

Cleric, Divine Revolutionary
Félicien Rops La tentation de Saint Antoine Date 1878

There are religions in the world that have been repressed, either by other religions or tyrannical governments. When this happens, the religion rarely dies but goes underground and becomes treasured by its last true adherents.

The Quintessential Cleric

Author Sam Witt

Publisher Mongoose Publishing

Publish date 2002

The divine revolutionary believes strongly in one such religion and acts to bring the religion back to legitimacy through any means possible. Whether he’s helping two sects of the hidden religion to stay in contact or actively battling against an oppressive regime, the divine revolutionary is a force to be reckoned with. This agent of the divine has devoted his life to bringing a ‘lost’ religion back to the light of day, regardless of the cost to himself.

Bonuses: Time spent hiding from more powerful foes has given the divine revolutionary a gift for remaining unseen and unheard, providing him with a +1 competence bonus to all Move Silently or Hide checks.

Penalties: The divine revolutionary has good reason to avoid notice – his religion has many enemies and if he is discovered, violence is sure to follow. There is a 10% chance each month that one of the revolutionary’s enemies will find the character and attempt to kill him. These enemies should be of a level appropriate to the revolutionary.

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