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Cleric, Abandoned Child

Cleric, Abandoned Child
Max, Gabriel Cornelius von: Findelkind Date 1870-1880

When a family no longer has the means to support their children, it is customary in some societies to leave a new-born infant on the steps of the local church. These children are taken in and raised by the religious order, providing the infant with clothing, food, and sometimes education.

The Quintessential Cleric

Author Sam Witt

Publisher Mongoose Publishing

Publish date 2002

This is far more than poor peasant children generally receive, and the life of an abandoned child is, while less than glamorous, certainly more comfortable than the alternative. Especially gifted and obedient abandoned children work their way up through the church to become priests in their own right, giving something back to the religion that raised 7them when their own families could not.

Benefits: Due to his intimate familiarity with the religious lore of his faith, the abandoned child receives a +2 competence bonus to any Knowledge (religion) checks he makes in regard to his own church.

Penalties: The church provides, but it does not provide much. The abandoned child starts his adventuring career with a suit of leather armour, a backpack, one week of standard rations, a water skin, a Holy symbol, and the chosen weapon of his god. The character receives no other starting funds.

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