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Ulugh Beg Sultaniyeh

  • Location – Timurid Empire, Persia,
  • Religion Islam
  • Occupation astronomer, mathematician and sultan

Ulugh Beg is a young astronomer, mathematician and Timurid prince. His commonly known name is not truly a personal name, but rather a moniker, which can be loosely translated as “Great Ruler” or “Patriarch Ruler”. His real name was Mirza Mohammad Taraghay bin Shahrukh. Ulugh Beg was also notable for his work in astronomy-related mathematics, such as trigonometry and spherical geometry. He built the great Ulugh Beg Observatory in Samarkand. It was considered by scholars to have been one of the finest observatories in the Islamic world at the time and the largest in Central Asia. He built the Ulugh Beg Madrasah in Samarkand and Bukhara, transforming the cities into cultural centers of learning in Central Asia. He was also a mathematician albeit his mental aptitude is perseverance rather than any unusual endowment of intellect.

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