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Elysium (Chaotic Good)

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A vast land of untamed wilderness and wild passions, Elysium is the plane of benevolent chaos. Freedom and self-sufficiency abound here, personified in the azatas native to the plane. In Elysium, selfless cooperation and fierce competition clash with the violence of a raging thunderstorm, but such conflicts never overshadow the lofty concepts of bravery, creativity, and good unhindered by rules or laws.


Elysium has the following planar traits:

  • Divinely Morphic: Deities with domains in Elysium can alter the plane at will.
  • Strongly Chaos-Aligned and Strongly Good-Aligned
  • Enhanced Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the chaotic good descriptor are enhanced.
  • Impeded Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the lawful or evil descriptor are impeded.

Elysium (Outer Plane (chaotic good))

By Carlos Schwabe - «Die Imposante Galerie», McLeod, January 2008, Public Domain,
By Carlos Schwabe – «Die Imposante Galerie», McLeod, January 2008, Public Domain,

Elysium is a place of bold deeds and fiery passions, where heroes clash and revel, and freedom is prized above all.

Elysium is a vast and ancient realm, and the following locations only scratch the proverbial surface.

Despite its good alignment, Elysium is far from universally safe, and regions of true wilderness grow increasingly perilous farther from the heartlands of the Promised Land, where monsters and worse are known to dwell.

Elysium’s day-night cycle varies, potentially changing with each dawn and dusk. When a new day dawns, roll 1d12 to determine the number of daylight hours for that day, and roll 1d12 with each dusk to determine the number of hours that night will last. In certain areas, the passage of day and night may be stable, or it may pass faster or slower, but to most of Elysium’s denizens, the unpredictability of the days’ lengths is a welcome bit of whimsy and randomness.

Celestial bodies exist, with the brightest star in the night sky being a manifestation that gives Elysium a fixed “north” that can be used to navigate. The number and color of Elysium’s moons vary by region, but there remains only one sun during each day.

Elysium is beautiful beyond any landscape of the Material Plane, teeming with rich and vibrant life. By day, a golden sun shines brightly down upon the emerald fields and azure seas, while by night, the sky is a sea of glittering stars escorting a silver moon on its journey. Nothing in Elysium knows much of restraint; its mountains stretch taller and its oceans yawn deeper than on any world on the Material Plane, accounting for some of the greatest extremes in elevation in all the Great Beyond. Yet these extremes are not limited by Material Plane realities: the tops of Elysium’s tallest mountains have plenty of breathable air and its deepest oceans receive ample sunlight.


  • Gravity normal
  • Time normal
  • Realm immeasurable
  • Structural lasting
  • Essence mixed
  • Alignment strongly chaos-aligned, strongly good-aligned
  • Magic enhanced (spells and spell-like abilities with the chaotic good descriptor), impeded (spells and spell-like abilities with the lawful or evil descriptor)


One of the curious realities about the divinities who dwell in Elysium, be they true deities or merely demigods, is the fact that not all of them are particularly strong thematic fits for a realm of equal parts chaos and goodness. This points to one of Elysium’s greatest strengths, though: its diversity in chaos. Unlike more rigidly constrained planes such as Utopia, Heaven, and Hell and unlike planes such as the Abyss that are brutally inimical in nature, the Promised Land is welcoming to a wide range of ethos and ideals. While this makes Elysium the most welcoming of the Outer Planes for the average mortal to visit, it also makes it the most dangerous of the good-aligned Outer Planes for the same visitors—those who travel to Elysium cannot rely upon everything they meet there being equally friendly.

Empyreal Lords The majority of the empyreal lords who dwell in Elysium are powerful azatas, but a handful are instead unique and powerful angels. With separate areas of interest and diverse worshipers, they all maintain sizable realms of their own scattered throughout the Promised Land.

Giant Pantheon The giant races worship a large pantheon of divinities (most of whom are demigods), but unlike the oversized stature of their kind, the giant pantheon does not hold a particularly oversized role in Elysium. Content for the most part to remain within their floating continent-sized fortress and wilderness that drifts on clouds above, the giant divinities are quick to exile those among their ranks who either risk the sanctity of the realm or raise arms against their sisters and brothers.

Outsiders angels, azatas, cynosomas, Elysian titans, empusas*

Petitioners chosen (idealized versions of souls’ mortal bodies)

Qualities resistance 10 to cold and fire, +2 Charisma


Basic Elysium has inspired your artistic sense and quickened your agility. You gain a +1 bonus on Reflex saves, a +2 bonus on Acrobatics checks to avoid provoking attacks of opportunity, and a +2 bonus on a single type of Perform check of your choice.

Improved You can use confusion once per day as a spell-like ability. Lawful or evil targets take a –1 penalty on saves against this effect, while lawful evil targets take a –2 penalty on saves.

Greater Elysium’s blessing bolsters your bravery and sense of self. Whenever you are under the effects of an ongoing fear effect, a possession effect, or an effect that grants mental control over you (such as dominate person), at the beginning of each of your turns, you can attempt a new saving throw against that effect as though you were initially exposed to it. On a success, the effect immediately ends. You can attempt a number of additional saves this way each day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier (minimum 4/day).


In Elysium, a plane of bountiful life, celestial versions of most Material Plane creatures are common and often far more intelligent than their counterparts. Beyond these, numerous other sorts of creatures roam Elysium and live out their lives there: capricious havoc dragons, cynosomas and peris visiting from their respective home planes, empusas on missions of vengeance or espionage for the elven deities, and whimsical shape-changing sapphire oozes, can all be encountered throughout Elysium.

But the most populous creatures of all in the Promised Land are the eager and passionate azatas.

Angels As in Heaven and Nirvana, angels can be encountered in number in Elysium, be they chaotic good natives of the realm or messengers traveling from elsewhere on divine missions. of the three good-aligned Outer Planes, though, Elysium hosts the smallest number of angelic natives. This is not to say that Elysium is any less benevolent than the other planes—simply that in Elysium, the desire and need for divine representation is less than on those other planes, for Elysium’s divinities prefer to handle their own affairs rather than rely upon intermediaries.

Azatas Of the true outsider races, none embody Elysium’s nature better than the azatas. Azata culture is passionate and competitive, with honor gained through great accomplishments such as heroic deeds and impressive works of creativity. Despite their fierce independence, azatas place great stock in community among their own kind. Many azatas pledge themselves to factions known as courts, such as the Court of the Muse or the Court of the Burning Gale. Befitting the azatas’ fickle nature, however, allegiance to a court lasts only until the ruler’s whims shift. Non-azatas are almost never invited to join these courts, though as with all things Elysian, the dedicated can achieve nearly anything.

The Chosen The petitioners of Elysium are known as the chosen and manifest as idealized versions of their mortal bodies; as a result, Elysian societies often strongly resemble the Material Plane realms from which their member petitioners hail. For example, in the realm of the elven pantheon, most petitioners appear as elves and live their afterlives in much the same way that elves live on the Material Plane. of course, the chosen retain their mortal memories no more often than any other petitioner, so while in appearance some chosen may closely resemble their mortal incarnations (assuming the mortals were comfortable in their own skin), in personality they have fully embraced their outsider roles. Traditionally, the chosen are the category of petitioners who most quickly ascend into a higher form of outsider after arrival in the afterlife, in large part due to their affinity to the identity of their “idealized selves.” When such a petitioner ascends, in most cases he does so into a half-celestial version of the race he was when alive. Such half-celestials may then at a later date ascend once more into actual angels, azatas, or other outsiders, but many live out the rest of their afterlives in their new but familiar forms. In realms where a chosen’s idealized form does not fit the constraints of a Medium petitioner (as is the case often in the realm of the giant pantheon), the transformation to a half-celestial happens swiftly after arrival in Elysium, often after only a few days or even mere hours spent in an uncomfortably sized form.

Elysian Titans Among the mightiest of the Promised Land’s outsider races, the Elysian titans retired to the plane after the ancient war that turned them against their now-imprisoned thanatotic kin in the Abyss. The Elysian titans are great lovers of the arts and often depart their opulent mountaintop villas and floating palaces for the lands below in search of new wonders to enjoy.

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–81 gancanagh4
9–111d6 cassisians5
12–262d6 chosen petitioners6
27–312d6 lyrakiens8
32–331 balisse8
34–372d6 sapphire oozes8
38–471d6 bralanis9
48–581d6 lillends10
59–601d8 chorals10
61–651d10 yamahs10
661 young havoc dragon12
67–681d6 movanic devas13
69–711d6 raelises13
721d6 monadic devas15
73–751d6 cynosomas15
761 planetar16
77–811d6 ghaeles16
82–841d4 peris16
851 adult havoc dragon16
86–901d6 empusas16
911d6 astral devas17
92–931d4 brijidines19
94–951d8 uinujas19
961 empyrean20
971 ancient havoc dragon21
981 solar angel23
991d6 veranallias23
1001d6 Elysian titans24
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