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Leng (Demiplane)

LENG (DEMIPLANE) – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator

The dreaded Plateau of Leng lurks at the edge of all nightmares, a realm inhabited by eldritch horrors and ruled by their ancient gods.


  • Gravity normal
  • Time normal
  • Realm finite
  • Structural lasting
  • Essence mixed
  • Alignment strongly chaotic-aligned, mildly evil-aligned
  • Magic normal


Entities of the Elder Mythos

  • Outsiders denizens of Leng, scarlet walkers, wendigos
  • Petitioners lost (haunted, sleep-deprived versions of their previous lives)
  • Qualities immunity to cold and adverse effects of high altitude, but not to mind-affecting effects; no breath


Basic You can infuse the menace of Leng into everything you do. You gain a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks to demoralize foes, and you increase the save DC of supernatural fear effects you create by 1.

Improved You can use confusion once per day as a spell-like ability.

Greater You can use contact entity IV once per day as a spell-like ability but must still supply the required material component.

Those who travel too far in their exploration of the Dreamlands may find themselves caught up in a vast sea where the tides carry them away, only to wash them up on the shores of the Plateau of Leng.

Leng is a realm of nightmares, a cold and desolate world populated by inscrutable alien entities. Although the Plateau of Leng is finite in size, the scope of its truths and horrors is incomprehensible to mortal minds. The demiplane consists of a vast wasteland plateau nestled between two mountain ranges that converge at the most distant point from the Dreaming Shore in a region known as the Cold Waste. Nightgaunts and Leng hounds fly across the desolate landscape, searching for prey to bring to their dark masters.

In scattered villages, degenerate, vaguely humanoid beings and the scaly, birdlike shantaks perform depraved rituals to appease their frightening gods. For those who come close enough to witness such gruesome acts, a quick death is a rare mercy, as these creatures’ concentrated malice is enough to shatter the mind and scar the soul. Only the strongest-willed witnesses manage to avoid being inexorably drawn into the ritual themselves. Occasionally, the creatures bring their sacrifices directly to the Prehistoric Monastery, where a hideous high priest not to be described rules.

First page of H. P. Lovecraft's original manuscript to "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath". Leng
By H. P. Lovecraft –, Public Domain,

Travelers who seek to escape Leng may think to flee across the ocean from the Dreaming Shore in hopes that they eventually return to the Dreamlands. The Dreaming Shore is far from lifeless, however. Humanoid-shaped creatures with fanged maws and voluminous robes, known only as denizens of Leng, ply its waters, bringing in slaves captured from both the Dreamlands and the waking world.

Many of these ships are bound for Nameless Rock, an island where the denizens’ moon-beast masters maintain temples to their unspeakable gods.

They eagerly capture and torment anyone foolish enough to wander near their lairs. Another race of spiderlike outsiders, scarlet walkers, feed on the blood and tissue of living creatures.

The true horrors of Leng’s mountains increase as travelers draw closer to their highest, central peak. A row of sentient and malevolent statues marks the border of the Cold Waste, beyond which eternal night reigns. At the top of Leng’s tallest mountain stands the fortified castle city of unknown Kadath, its towers reaching several miles above the mountain’s peak and casting its dread shadow across the entire realm. Though it is nearly impossible to find sources who can credibly claim to have survived the journey to Kadath, it is said that strange and unknown gods from many worlds dwell within its chambers, with the Outer God Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, ruling the city above all others.

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