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Duat: The Ethereal Realm of Afterlife’s Tapestry

La barque solaire avec le dieu Khnounm à tête de bélier. Le serpent entoure et protège le tabernacle où se trouve le dieu. (séquence du Livre des Portes)

Duat  is the place in the underworld, where dead souls are judged by Anubis, using a feather, representing Truth. Souls which were weighted down by sin are eaten by Ammit

Overview: Duat, an ethereal realm shrouded in mystique, serves as the cosmic tapestry of the afterlife. This plane, beyond mortal comprehension, encapsulates the journey of souls beyond the mortal coil. Duat stands as the conduit between life and the hereafter, a realm where the energies of the departed weave a transcendent tapestry.

Landscape: Duat unfolds as a celestial expanse, a labyrinthine network where ethereal pathways wind through timeless landscapes. These landscapes, shaped by the collective essence of departed souls, range from serene paradises to shadowed realms, each a reflection of the life once lived.


  • Fields of Eternity: A serene expanse where virtuous souls find eternal rest. Meadows of vibrant flora stretch as far as the eye can see, and gentle rivers wind through the landscape, offering solace to those at peace.
  • Shadowed Veil: A mysterious layer where souls wrestling with unresolved destinies linger. Eerie mists shroud this realm, and the landscapes are a blend of haunting beauty and poignant sorrow.
  • Celestial Nexus: The celestial hub where righteous souls transcend to higher planes. Radiant structures of divine energy pierce the skies, welcoming those deemed worthy of ascension.
  • Chambers of Judgment: A realm where the scales of fate weigh the deeds of departed souls. Hieroglyphic inscriptions adorn ethereal walls, recounting the tales of lives and destinies.

Inhabitants: Duat’s inhabitants range from virtuous spirits finding solace in the Fields of Eternity to souls navigating the enigmatic Shadowed Veil. Divine guardians oversee the Chambers of Judgment, ensuring the scales of fate maintain balance.

Conclusion: Duat, with its intricate layers and ethereal landscapes, beckons souls to traverse the delicate threads of the afterlife. A realm where destinies are weighed, where shadows and light coalesce, Duat weaves a tapestry that transcends mortal understanding, inviting those who dare to explore the thresholds of existence.

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