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Nepenthe (CR 6)

This pitcher plant grows only in the most obscure of wilds, where it is sought by many a brokenhearted adventurer -it is well-known to be the key ingredient in a drug which mends a wounded heart. The living nepenthe emits overpowering odors which cannot be later recalled. Aroma of nepenthe is a poison gas extending 30 feet from the plant; it differently affects two groups of potential  victims (see below).

Aroma of Nepenthe Type poison, inhaled; Save Fortitude DC 19 Onset 1 round; Frequency 1/round for 2 rounds Initial Effect extraordinary modify memory (CL 15th) to forget noticing the plant (if small enough to fit into the acid-filled bell of the nepenthe, instead extraordinary suggestion [CL 15th] that the bell is a good place to rest); Secondary Effect unconsciousness for 1 minute; Cure 1 save

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