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Western films

The American Film Institute defines Western films as those “set in the American West that [embody] the spirit, the struggle, and the demise of the new frontier.” The term “Western”, used to describe a narrative film genre, appears to have originated with a July 1912 article in Motion Picture World magazine. Most of the characteristics of Western films were part of 19th-century popular Western fiction, and were firmly in place before film became a popular art form. Western films commonly feature protagonists such as cowboys, gunslingers, and bounty hunters, who are often depicted as seminomadic wanderers who wear Stetson hats, bandannas, spurs, and buckskins, use revolvers or rifles as everyday tools of survival and as a means to settle disputes using “frontier justice”. Protagonists ride between dusty towns and cattle ranches on their trusty steeds.

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  • 1903 – The Great Train Robbery
  • 1906 – The Story of the Kelly Gang 
YearFranchiseFilmIMFDbRotten Tomatoes
1939Gone with the Wind 8.1/1091%
YearFranchiseFilmIMFDbRotten Tomatoes
1943The Ox-Bow Incident8/1090%
1946My Darling Clementine7.8/10100%
1948Fort Apache7.5/10100%
1948Red River7.8/10100%

1950’s Westerns

YearFranchiseFilmIMFDbRotten Tomatoes
1953The Naked Spur7.4/10100%
1959Rio Bravo8/10100%

1960’s Westerns

YearFranchiseFilmIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1969Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 8/1090%

1990’s Westerns

YearFranchiseFilmIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1990Dances with Wolves8/1083%
1993Gettysburg 7.6/1076%
1993Tombstone (film)7.8/1074%
1999Wild Wild West

2010’s Westerns

YearFranchiseFilmIMDbRotten Tomatoes
2010 Jonah Hex
2011Cowboys & Aliens
2013 The Lone Ranger6.6/10
2015The Revenant 8/1078%
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