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The Quintessential Elf

Author Alejandro Melchor
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2002

Elves take good care of keeping their lineages strait, and some of them take pride at having the blood of a legendary ancestor, or even that of a god. Truebloods are more numerous among the nobility, but they can easily be found tending the fields as treading carpets of woven moonlight. In any of the elven subspecies, truebloods epitomize what it means to be an elf, moving with unnatural grace and precision, speaking with mesmerizing voices and having a natural talent for magic. They carry themselves with natural dignity, and some say that they are a reminder to all elves of their origins as the first children of the gods. Truebloods have the respect of their peers, even if they do not hold any position of authority, and some have the bearing of true kings.

Adventuring: Truebloods take to adventuring for reasons all their own. Some set off to prove that they are truly heirs of their ancestors, wishing to achieve great deeds to cement their claim to greatness, others do so out of a sense of duty, feeling as if a great responsibility has been placed upon them. Fewer travel for the chance to escape the shadow of their lineage, willing to brave the world for the chance to be treated as just another elf. The majority of adventuring truebloods still feel that they are special, even among non-elves. The way this feeling expresses itself depends wholly on the elf’s character, as it allows the arrogant to be even more so, and the dutiful to find conviction.

Role-Playing: Attitudes among truebloods varies wildly. The one most non-elves remember is the arrogant and condescending elf that treats everyone as barely-sentient creatures, but this is just because they make a point of reminding all of the purity of their blood. But these are only a vocal minority, for most truebloods keep their lineage to themselves, proving by deeds instead of words that they are true paragons of elven ideals. Inspired and committed, presumptuous and arrogant or resentful and questing, truebloods cannot escape the strength of their line and, they know that sooner or later, they will have to answer for what they have done to upkeep their name’s reputation.

Bonuses: truebloods are elves among the elves; in addition to the normal racial bonuses of a normal elf of any subspecies, a trueblood gains an addition +1 racial bonus to Dexterity or Charisma. Spellcraft and Use Magic Device are always class skills for a trueblood as he has an innate understanding of magic in any class in which he advances.

Penalties: Trueblood elves have a stronger connection to the origins of elvenkind and possibly to their gods. This connection affects them subtly, but with potentially dangerous effects. Whether going through racial memories or spending time parleying with the elven deities, truebloods spend eight hours in trance instead of just four. Their connection to the flow of magic poses another danger, for if a spell or spell-like ability is cast within 60ft. they must roll a Will save (DC10 + Spell’s level) or be dazed for 1 round. The trueblood can only be dazed for one round, regardless of how many spells are cast at the same time.

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