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Retired Defender

The Quintessential Elf

Author Alejandro Melchor
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2002

Some elven communities have seen the encroachment of their lands by others, and the necessity of defence gives birth to dedicated scouts and militia that constantly patrol the borders of the territory, looking to prevent their unwanted neighbours advancing any further. Some of these defenders retire early, wishing to return to a life they can cope with. They have seen what other races are capable of and they yearn for the companionship of their own. They do not find peace easily, as what they have witnessed haunts them at night with the threat of it happening to their loved ones. They take up arms again, but do not return to the militia, instead taking the fight to where it counts and hoping to make a small difference.

Adventuring: Defenders take on adventuring by themselves because they believe that they are the only ones capable of dealing with whatever lies outside the security of elven lands, acting as self-appointed advance warning systems. They undertake many missions, keeping their eyes open to the possibility of a threat to their homes, quickly excusing themselves to run back home and report or handling the problem themselves, making the world safe for common elves without their knowledge. They are not against the acquisition of personal wealth, considering it a just reward for their self-exile.

Role-Playing: A retired defender is jaded from all that he has experienced, dreading the long years still ahead of him as time spent without joy. Some hold the hope that, by their efforts, they are securing a peace back home that they can return to when they grow old and tired. The defender has little respect for those younger and more inexperienced than him, often stepping in and dealing with a problem when he believes that he is the only one capable of handling it properly. With time, the defender may learn to respect his companions’ skills and growing power, and may even recover his ability to enjoy life but, until that happens, he spits his Wisdom rather than letting it out gently.

Bonuses: A retired defender has seen many different styles of fighting, even if not facing them himself, learning and analysing them enough that he has acquired a sense for a the way combat runs. He can refocus his initiative as a standard action instead of a full-round action, which allows him to reposition himself or strike to take better advantage of his insight.

Penalties: He does not expect much from any of his companions, and hardly fights in coordination with them. He does not enjoy any bonus from flanking or the aid another special combat action.

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