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The Quintessential Elf

Author Alejandro Melchor
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2002

Deities of the elven pantheon take an active role in the lives of their followers, besieged as they are by the forces of darkness, being the brightest light of good in the land. The gods and goddesses are well-served by their priesthood, but sometimes, and for reasons all their own, they choose a common elf to be their mouthpiece, agent or pawn. A chosen will sometimes wake from his nightly trance with a new sense of purpose, growing restless as he begins to dream, receiving images and messages of unknown origin. Once he begins heeding these portents, his path is set. He receives guidance and aid from the gods in exchange for service, nudging destiny here and there as his dreams direct him. He does not question these orders, for deep inside he knows that he is making things work as they should.

Adventuring: Chosen are always on a quest of sorts, following the mandates of the elven pantheon. While outwardly they behave as they always did, now their hearts burns with purpose, and they can risk their lives in order to achieve the gods’ goals. Depending on their personality, they try to trick, convince, cajole or outright bribe their companions into following them on one of such missions, seldom explaining why they know the correct way to lost ruins or what the orc chieftain’s magic mace can do. They can accept tagging along on different trips as long as they do not conflict with the gods’ commands, and the deities are understanding enough not to tax all of his time. A chosen keeps adventuring until the end of his days or until the gods let him rest.

Role-Playing: Chosen elves are determined and headstrong, with eyes fixed on the road ahead. They have a confidence and faith in their role as the gods’ hands that pales that of any priest. Aside from fulfilling the appointed tasks, chosen try to stick closer to their patron deity’s tenets, becoming the most devout followers of their religion, as they do not need faith in the power of the gods, having experienced their touch first hand. They can become exasperated when those around them fail to meet the gods’ standards, and if they are not careful, become unthinking zealots whose only reason to live is to hear and comply with the will of higher powers.

Bonuses: The chosen benefit from the direct protection of their gods. Once per game session, the player of a chosen may roll two dice in any combat roll, skill check or saving throw, keeping the most favourable result.

Penalties: The gods’ help does not come free, and the chosen is subject to receiving instructions from his deities at any time, regardless of what he may be doing at that moment. Such commands work exactly like the geas/quest spell, and the Games Master is free to issue them as befits his plans. Convincing others to join in his quest counts as working to comply with the geas.

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