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Mark of the Dark Ministry

Witchcraft Spooky Pentagram  - LunarSeaArt / Pixabay, Mark of the Dark Ministry
LunarSeaArt / Pixabay

Upon being appointed to the Dark Ministry, a pit fiend is granted a Mark of the Dark Ministry. The Mark not only identifies its wearer as one of the supreme generals of the Legions of Hell, it also confers tremendous power.

The Mark of the Dark Ministry grants its wearer a +9 bonus to saves against the spell-like and supernatural abilities of demons and other Chaotic Evil creatures.

When traveling beyond Hell, the wearer is resistant to attempts to return him or her to the Pit: within the Depths Below or within the Mortal Coil, the wearer cannot be forcibly returned to Hell through the use of magic such as word of chaos or Holy word, feats such as Planar Turning, or any special ability to censure fiends.

When in other Realities, the wearer receives a +9 bonus to any saving throws against such attempts that allow one. With turning or censure attacks, the attacker takes a -9 penalty to the checks. The wearer gains a basic saving throw against attacks that do not allow a save.

The Mark of the Dark Ministry confers additional powers against diabolical beings. At will, the Minister may use greater command on any other devil; the devil receives no save nor does its Spell Resistance apply. Three times per day, the Minister may use dominate monster on any other devil; again the devil receives no save or Spell Resistance against the ability. The caster level for these powers is 27th. pit fiends are allowed Will saves (DC 27) to resist. Dukes of Hell and higher rank-ing devils are immune to these abilities.

Those bearing the Mark can cast the epic spell accursed as a spell-like ability 3/day. The Mark drains the user of 900 XP each time this ability is used.

Finally, the Mark bolsters diabolical troops within 90 feet of the Minister. All troops receive the same resistances against attempts to being returned to Hell when in another Reality as described above; furthermore, all troops (including the Dark Minister) find that their summoning ability is doubled in terms of % of success and the number of devils that can be summoned.

The Mark of the Dark Ministry appears as a simple pentagram forged from cold iron drawn from the blood of thousands of humanoid creatures. The pentagram rests on circle of black leather crafted from the protoplasmic remains of a balor; the circle is trimmed with the molted feathers of a solar’s wings. Precisely who made the Marks is unknown, but common theories suggest Astarte, a former Lord of the First, or The Overlord himself. When awarded to a newly promoted Dark Minister, the Mark magically and painfully stitches itself into the breast of the pit fiend. Although it can be hidden from non-diabolical beings, devils and other “natives” of Hell (including petitioners and gods) automatically sense the power of a Mark of the Dark Ministry.

Strong Abjuration, Strong Conjuration, Strong Enchantment; CL 21st; Weight: 1 lb.

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