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Ankh of Power

Ankh of Power

book cover egypt desert sand dry 6623963, Ankh of Power

Each of the Egyptian gods has the power to create an ankh of power at will. However, they are rarely manufactured. It is believed that fewer than a dozen of these priceless objects exist.

In the hands of a priest who worships regularly, the ankh of power glows as if under the influence of a continual light spell. This light is pure and having the power to drive away any undead creature it shines upon. Any attempt to conceal or darken this light is an affront to the gods and will result in the instant destruction the ankh.

Any healing spell cast by the priest while he holds the ankh in his hand will be at double effectiveness. Further, as long as the object is in his possession, the priest is immune to all forms of poison and disease, including such unusual afflictions as mummy rot and lycanthropy.

Lastly, an ankh of power can cast a sunray spell three times per day if the priest speaks a command word unique to the individual ankh.

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