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 The Mummy's Hand
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The Mummy’s Hand (1940)

They dared the curse of the ancients… to solve the most amazing mystery ever encountered by mortal man!

Archaeologists defile the tomb of mummified Kharis, who was buried alive for falling in love with an Egyptian princess.

The Mummy’s Hand is a 1940 American black-and-white horror film directed by Christy Cabanne and produced by Ben Pivar for Universal Studios. Although it is sometimes claimed by fans as a sequel or follow-up to The Mummy, it does not continue the 1932 film’s storyline, or feature any of the same characters (except the Pharaoh Amenophis). It was the first of a series of four films all featuring the mummy named Kharis, the sequels being The Mummy’s TombThe Mummy’s Ghost, and The Mummy’s CurseTom Tyler played Kharis in this film but Lon Chaney, Jr. took over the role for the following three sequels.

U.S. insert poster, The Mummy's Hand
U.S. insert poster
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