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The Hills Have Eyes (franchise) (1977-2007)

The Hills Have Eyes is an American horror franchise that consists of four horror films, as well as a graphic novel and merchandise. The first film was released in 1977, The Hills Have Eyes; the series was rebooted in a 2006 remake. The films focus on a group of people stranded in a desert who become hunted by a clan of deformed cannibals in the surrounding hills. The films collectively grossed over $132 million at the box-office worldwide. The series was created by Wes Craven who is known for the Nightmare on Elm Street films and Scream films. The series has featured actors and actresses including Dee WallaceAaron StanfordMichael Berryman and Emilie de Ravin.


The Hills Have Eyes (1977)Wes CravenWes CravenPeter Locke
The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1985)Barry Cahn, Jonathan Debin and Peter Locke
The Hills Have Eyes (2006)Alexandre AjaAlexandre Aja and Grégory LevasseurWes Craven, Marianne Maddalena and Peter Locke
The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)Martin WeiszWes Craven and Jonathan Craven
By Arrow Video -, Fair use,, The Hills Have Eyes
By Arrow Video –, Fair use,
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