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The Gorgon (1964) on IMDb

The Gorgon (1964)

A Monster With the Power to Turn Living Screaming Flesh Into Stone!

The Gorgon is a 1964 horror film directed by Terence Fisher and produced by Hammer Film Productions. The movie centers around a series of murders that are happening in a small German village. As the police investigate the strange occurrences, they begin to suspect that the murders are linked to an ancient legend about a Gorgon, a creature from Greek mythology.

The film’s strong point is its horror imagery. The Gorgon herself is a terrifying monster, with snakes for hair and the ability to turn people into stone. The atmosphere of the movie is also well-crafted, with moody lighting and effective use of shadows to create a sense of dread.

The movie’s cast is also notable, with some great performances from the likes of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. These two actors are iconic in the horror genre and their presence in The Gorgon adds to the movie’s appeal.

However, the film does have some flaws. The pacing is a bit slow at times, with some scenes feeling like they drag on for too long. The plot can also be a bit convoluted, with a lot of different elements at play and some plot threads feeling underdeveloped.

Overall, The Gorgon is a decent horror movie that is worth watching for fans of the genre. Its monster is memorable and the movie’s cast is strong. While it may not be one of the best Hammer horror films, it is still an enjoyable watch with some effective scares.

Film poster for The Gorgon - Copyright 1964, Columbia Pictures
Film poster for The Gorgon – Copyright 1964, Columbia Pictures
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