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 The Devil's Rain
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The Devil’s Rain (1975)

“The Devil’s Rain” is a 1975 horror movie that tells the story of a family of Satanists who seek to recover a book that was stolen from them. The book contains the names of all the people who sold their souls to the Devil, and the Satanists will stop at nothing to get it back.

The film features a star-studded cast, including Ernest Borgnine, William Shatner, and Tom Skerritt. While the acting is generally competent, the script and direction leave a lot to be desired. The pacing is slow, and the story meanders from one scene to the next without much coherence.

The special effects are also underwhelming, particularly the scenes involving the titular “devil’s rain,” which looks more like a light mist than a torrential downpour. The makeup effects on the possessed characters are also unconvincing and border on the comical.

Despite these flaws, the film does have some redeeming qualities. The atmospheric cinematography and the eerie musical score help to create a sense of foreboding and tension. Additionally, the film’s ending, which features a memorable confrontation between the hero and the Satanists, is suitably dramatic and satisfying.

In conclusion, while “The Devil’s Rain” has its share of flaws, it is worth a watch for fans of 70s horror movies and those interested in the careers of the actors involved. However, for viewers looking for a truly frightening or well-crafted horror film, there are better options available.

The Devil's Rain
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