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Mystics in Bali (1981) on IMDb

“Bali’s Dark Secrets Unveiled: Beware the Mystics in Bali (1981)”

The true Story of an AUSTRALIA girl who learn the mysticen of LEAK BALI. (Bali). The tremendous mysticen of LEAK Bali, is always feared the people of Bali ever and ever.

Mystics in Bali (originally released as Leák) is a 1981 Indonesian supernatural horror film directed by H. Tjut Djalil. Based on the novel Leák Ngakak by Putra Mada, the film stars Ilona Agathe Bastian, Yos Santo, Sofia W.D., and W.D. Mochtar.

The film focuses on black magic and borrows from Southeast Asian folklore and Balinese mythology, specifically the Leyak and the Penanggalan, spirits that appear in the form of a flying head with organs and entrails still attached. The film has been considered to be a cult classic of Indonesian horror cinema.

Mystics in Bali
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