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 Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
(1974) on IMDb

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974)

The Only Man Alive Feared by the Walking Dead!

A master swordsman and former soldier and his hunchbacked assistant hunt vampires.

Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter is a 1974 British swashbuckling horror film, written and directed by Brian Clemens, produced by Clemens and Albert Fennell for Hammer Film Productions, and starring Horst JansonJohn CarsonShane Briant, and Caroline Munro. The music score was composed by Laurie Johnson, supervised by Philip Martell. Belatedly released on 7 April 1974, the film was intended as the first in a series focused on the title character and his companions. Due to the film’s violence and sexual subtext Captain Kronos was rated R in North America. This was Clemens’ only film as a director.

Captain Kronos, Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter
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  • Lisa Collings as Vanda Sorell
  • Brian Tully as George Sorell
  • Robert James as Pointer
  • Perry Soblosky as Barlow
  • John Hollis as barman
  • Susanna East as Isabella Sorell
  • Stafford Gordon as Barton Sorell
  • Elizabeth Dear as Ann Sorell
  • Joanna Ross as Myra
  • Neil Seiler as priest
  • Olga Anthony as Lilian
  • Gigi Gurpinar as blind girl
  • Peter Davidson as big man
  • Terence Sewards as Tom
  • Trevor Lawrence as Deke
  • Jacqui Cook as barmaid
  • B. H. Barry, Michael Buchanan, Steve James, Ian McKay, Barry Smith, Roger Williams as villagers
  • Linda Cunningham as Jane
  • Caroline Villiers as Petra
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