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Rome (TV series) (2005 – 2007)

Rome is a British-American-Italian historical drama television series created by John MiliusWilliam J. MacDonald, and Bruno Heller. The show’s two seasons were broadcast on HBOBBC Two, and Rai 2 between 2005 and 2007. They were later released on DVD and Blu-rayRome is set in the 1st century BC, during Ancient Rome‘s transition from Republic to Empire.

The series features a sprawling cast of characters, many based on real figures from historical records, but the lead protagonists are ultimately two soldiers named Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, who find their lives intertwined with key historical events. Rome was initially a ratings success for HBO and the BBC, although the numbers declined considerably in the second season. The series received substantial media attention from the start and was honoured with numerous awards and nominations in its two-season run. The series was filmed in various locations but most notably in the Cinecitt√† studios in Italy.

Rome title card
Main title card for the first season of HBO/BBC series Rome.

Main Cast

Character namePortrayed byHistorical basis
Lucius VorenusKevin McKiddLucius Vorenus
Titus PulloRay StevensonTitus Pullo
Atia of the JuliiPolly WalkerAtia/Clodia/Fulvia
Mark AntonyJames PurefoyMark Antony
Servilia of the JuniiLindsay DuncanServilia
NiobeIndira VarmaFictional
Octavia of the JuliiKerry CondonOctavia the Younger

Recurring Cast

Character namePortrayed byStatusHistorical basis
Gaius Julius CaesarCiar√°n HindsJulius Caesar
Pompey MagnusKenneth CranhamGnaeus Pompeius Magnus
Marcus Junius BrutusTobias MenziesMarcus Junius Brutus the Younger
Gaius OctavianMax Pirkis/Simon WoodsAugustus
Quintus PompeyRick WardenSextus Pompey and Gnaeus Pompeius?
Porcius CatoKarl JohnsonCato the Younger
Marcus Tullius CiceroDavid BamberCicero
TimonLee BoardmanFictional
Marcus AgrippaAllen LeechMarcus Vipsanius Agrippa
CleopatraLyndsey MarshalGreco-EgyptianCleopatra
Ptolemy XIIIScott ChisholmGreco-EgyptianPtolemy XIII of Egypt
CaesarionNicolò Brecci/Max BaldryGreco-EgyptianPtolemy XV of Egypt/Caesarion
Gaius MaecenasAlex WyndhamPlebeianGaius Maecenas
LiviaAlice HenleyPatricianLivia Drusilla
AlfidiaDeborah MoorePatricianAlfidia
CalpurniaHaydn GwynnePatricianCalpurnia Pisonis
CassiusGuy HenryPatricianGaius Cassius Longinus
LepidusRonan VibertPatricianMarcus Aemilius Lepidus
CharmianKathryn HunterSlaveCharmian
ScipioPaul JessonPatricianQuintus Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio Nasica
HerodRené ZaggerJewHerod the Great
NewsreaderIan McNeiceFictionalWorks of Quintilian[3]
PoscaNicholas WoodesonSlave/FreedmanFictional
EireneChiara MastalliSlave/FreedmanFictional
Erastes FulmenLorcan CranitchPlebeianFictional
LydeEsther HallPlebeianFictional
GaiaZuleikha RobinsonSlaveFictional
GlabiusRoberto PurvisPatricianFictional
Evander PulchioEnzo CilentiPlebeianFictional
JocastaCamilla RutherfordPlebeianFictional
MasciusMichael NardonePlebeianFictional
LeviNigel LindsayJewFictional
Vorena the ElderCoral AmigaPlebeianFictional
Vorena the YoungerAnna Fausta Primiano/Valery UsaiPlebeianFictional
LuciusMarco Pollack/Alessio Cuna/Stefan BrownPlebeianFictional
Curial magistrateJohn BoswallPatricianFictional
EleniSuzanne BertishSlaveFictional
MerulaLydia BiondiSlaveFictional
MemmioDaniel CerqueiraPlebeianFictional
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