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 Kashchei the Immortal
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Kashchey the Immortal (1945) – A Classic Tale of Good vs. Evil

Kashchey the Immortal is a Soviet-era film based on a classic Russian folktale. Directed by Aleksandr Rou, the movie tells the story of the evil sorcerer Kashchey, who seeks to extend his immortality by kidnapping beautiful young women and draining their youth. When he sets his sights on the beautiful princess Nastasya, the brave Prince Ivan sets out on a quest to rescue her and defeat Kashchey once and for all.

One of the striking features of Kashchey the Immortal is its use of visual effects, which were revolutionary for their time. The film makes extensive use of stop-motion animation to bring Kashchey’s magical powers to life, creating an eerie and otherworldly atmosphere that perfectly suits the story’s fantastical elements. The special effects were so well-done that they earned the film a special prize at the 1946 Cannes Film Festival.

The movie also boasts a strong cast, including Andrei Abrikosov as Prince Ivan, Vladimir Etush as Kashchey, and Natalya Sedykh as Princess Nastasya. Their performances are key to the film’s success, with Abrikosov imbuing Ivan with a sense of heroism and determination that makes him a compelling protagonist, and Etush bringing a sense of malevolence and malice to Kashchey that makes him a truly chilling villain.

But perhaps what makes Kashchey the Immortal most noteworthy is its themes. At its core, the film is a classic tale of good versus evil, with Ivan representing the forces of light and Kashchey embodying darkness. The movie explores the power of love, friendship, and sacrifice, and demonstrates that even the most evil of characters can be redeemed with a single selfless act.

Overall, Kashchey the Immortal is a classic piece of Soviet-era cinema that deserves to be seen by fans of fantasy and folklore. Its groundbreaking visual effects, strong performances, and timeless themes make it a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of cinema, and its status as a beloved classic in Russia and beyond is well-deserved.

Romanian film poster, Kashchey the Immortal
Romanian film poster


Kashchey the Immortal (1945) features a cast including Andrei Abrikosov as Prince Ivan, Vladimir Etush as Kashchey the Immortal, and Natalya Sedykh as Princess Nastasya.

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