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“The Last Dragon” (1985): A Classic Martial Arts Film with an Unforgettable Soundtrack

He’s a martial arts master who refuses to fight. He’s a Bruce Lee fan who’s so sure he’s Oriental that he eats popcorn with chopsticks. His friends think he’s too serious. His family thinks he’s crazy. His enemies think he’s no challenge. But she knows he’s The Last Dragon.

“The Last Dragon” is a martial arts film that has stood the test of time. Released in 1985, the film tells the story of Leroy Green, a young man who dreams of becoming a martial arts master. Leroy lives in Harlem, New York, and is a student of a wise martial arts teacher named Sum Dum Goy. Despite his skill and dedication, Leroy has yet to achieve the highest level of martial arts mastery, known as “the glow.” However, when a local music mogul named Eddie Arkadian sets his sights on Leroy’s girlfriend and attempts to kidnap her, Leroy is forced to use his martial arts skills to protect her and take down Arkadian.

One of the most memorable aspects of “The Last Dragon” is its soundtrack. Produced by Motown legend Berry Gordy, the film features original songs by DeBarge, Vanity, and Stevie Wonder, among others. The music is an essential part of the film’s identity, and the songs have become classics in their own right. In fact, the film’s theme song, “The Glow,” was a hit on the Billboard charts and has since been covered by numerous artists.

But “The Last Dragon” is more than just a great soundtrack. It’s also a fun and entertaining film that showcases the talents of its cast. Taimak, who plays Leroy, is a skilled martial artist who brings authenticity to his fight scenes. Vanity, who plays the love interest Laura, is a charismatic and talented performer who lights up the screen. And Julius Carry, who plays the villainous Sho’nuff, delivers a memorable and over-the-top performance that steals every scene he’s in.

The film’s action sequences are well-choreographed and exciting, with Leroy taking on a variety of opponents in a range of settings. From a dojo to a movie theater, the fights are always visually interesting and showcase Leroy’s unique style of martial arts. The film also includes some humor, with a few comedic scenes and characters that provide a welcome break from the action.

Overall, “The Last Dragon” is a classic martial arts film that continues to be beloved by fans. Its combination of great music, exciting action, and memorable characters has earned it a place in pop culture history. Whether you’re a fan of martial arts films or just looking for a fun and entertaining movie to watch, “The Last Dragon” is a must-see.

The Last Dragon


  • Taimak as Leroy Green/ “Bruce Leroy”
  • Vanity as Laura Charles
  • Christopher Murney as Eddie Arkadian
  • Julius Carry as Sho’nuff
  • Faith Prince as Angela Viracco
  • Leo O’Brien as Richie Green
  • Mike Starr as Rock
  • Jim Moody as “Pop” Green
  • Glen Eaton as Johnny Yu
  • Ernie Reyes Jr. as Tai Chung
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