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Rolling Vengeance (1987) Review: An Action-Packed Revenge Thriller

Always use the right tool for the job.

Rolling Vengeance is an action-packed revenge thriller that delivers all the goods fans of the genre crave. Directed by Steven Hilliard Stern, this 1987 gem stars Don Michael Paul as Joey Rosso, a truck driver who sets out to avenge the brutal murder of his family by a gang of drunken rednecks. With the help of a veteran mechanic and some other good-hearted souls, Joey rigs up his rig to become a rolling weapon of vengeance in a high-speed showdown against his adversaries.

The film wastes no time in setting up the brutal murder of Joey’s family, creating an immediate emotional hook for the audience. The depiction of the crime is unflinching and disturbing, making it clear that the villains are truly despicable and deserving of the brutal comeuppance they will eventually receive. The revenge plot is a classic one, but Rolling Vengeance puts a unique spin on it with the use of Joey’s tricked-out truck as a deadly weapon.

Don Michael Paul delivers a solid performance as Joey, conveying both the character’s heartbreak and his thirst for revenge. The supporting cast is equally impressive, with Ned Beatty as the villainous Sheriff, Lisa Howard as Joey’s love interest and Lawrence Dane as the mechanic who helps Joey turn his truck into a rolling tank. The chemistry between the actors is believable and helps to ground the story in reality.

The action sequences in Rolling Vengeance are the film’s main attraction, and they do not disappoint. From high-speed chases to explosive confrontations, the film delivers plenty of thrills and spills. The scenes of Joey using his truck to take out the gang members are particularly satisfying, with each one providing a new and creative way to dispatch the villains.

The film’s production values are solid, with impressive stunt work and some great car chases. The score by Jonathan Goldsmith is suitably epic, adding to the film’s sense of scope and scale. The pacing is brisk, with no wasted scenes or unnecessary filler. The film’s climax is suitably satisfying, with Joey getting his revenge and the villains receiving their just desserts.

Overall, Rolling Vengeance is a highly entertaining revenge thriller that delivers everything fans of the genre could want. With solid performances, impressive action sequences and a unique twist on the revenge plot, it stands out as a cult classic of the 1980s. Highly recommended for fans of action and revenge films.

Rolling Vengeance


The main cast of Rolling Vengeance (1987) includes:

  • Don Michael Paul as Joey Russo
  • Lawrence Dane as Sheriff Dan Shaw
  • Ned Beatty as Tiny Doyle
  • Lisa Howard as Misty
  • Brenda Bazinet as Lynn
  • Don Francks as Madman
  • Greg Swanson as Billy-Joe
  • Andrew Gillies as Steve
  • Lesleh Donaldson as Karen
  • Lawrence King-Phillips as Ray
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