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Castle Moon Spooky Horror  - Prettysleepy / Pixabay, Gehenna
Prettysleepy / Pixabay

It is a plane without charity, mercy, or pity. It is the Oven of Perdition, the Fourfold Furnaces. It is where Daemons (Yugoloths) cavort on endless volcanic slopes.

Gehenna’s top layer borders Hades and the Nine Hells, so it is not a pleasant place. Floating in an impenetrable, infinite void are volcanic mountains seemingly without base or peak. They are only finite in the strictest sense of the word, measuring hundreds of thousands of miles in each direction. A single volcanic mountain dominates each of the four layers of Gehenna, though lesser volcanic earthbergs drift and sometimes smash into the greater mountains.

There is no naturally occurring level place in any of the layers; all the slopes are at least 45 degrees, and many are akin to sheer cliffs. Gehenna’s fiendish inhabitants have carved artificial ledges, some large enough for entire cities, and switchback paths to connect them. But those edifices not carved by native Daemons (Yugoloths) or deities have a tendency to break apart, sending their builders on a long, sliding fall down the mountain.

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