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Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden
Bildunterschrift: Die eiserne Jungfrau in Feistritz, von Innen Date 1868 Vinzenz Katzler (1823-1882)

This coffin-shaped iron box is laden with spikes on the interior surfaces. Anyone placed inside is pierced dozens of times, and any movement causes more pain. The iron maiden has several settings that determine how tightly the two sides come together when the device is closed. At the low setting, anyone inside takes 1 point of damage per round. The moderate setting deals 5 points of damage, the severe setting deals 10 points of damage, and the terminal setting deals 50 points of damage each round. Once the iron maiden is closed to any setting, the torturer can make an Intimidate check every round.

Book of Vile Darkness 3.5

By Monte Cook

Torture Devices
Device Circumstance BonusEscape DCDamage CostWeight
Iron maiden27200 gp 250 lb.
Low setting+61
Moderate setting+85
Severe setting+1010
Terminal setting+1250
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