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Trailscent Kit

Source Advanced Race Guide

This small box of specially prepared catfolk pheromones and alchemical reagents can be used to leave a small group of subtle but long-lasting scents that only catfolk can smell and decipher. Given a minute, a catfolk can create a scent mixture and apply it to a solid object, such as a tree, a wall, or even a smaller item such as a weapon or potion vial. When the catfolk does this, it leaves one of the following scent impressions: danger, food, shelter, or possession. The possession impression is always keyed to the specific catfolk using the kit, and signifies that she owns the territory or item. Other races can attempt to use this kit to create the danger, food, or shelter impression, but doing so requires a successful DC 20 Craft (alchemy) check. A catfolk can detect a particular scent applied with a trailscent kit from 30 feet away. If the scent is upwind, the range at which a catfolk can detect the Scent increases to 60 feet; if it is downwind, the range drops to 15 feet. A catfolk with the Scent racial quality doubles those distances. A scent impression lasts for 1 year or until it is washed away. Each kit has 10 uses.

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