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String, Dragon Sinew

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005

Notes struck on an instrument strung with strings of dragon sinew evoke a powerful, martial flavour in every piece of music, filling the hearts of the listener with a sense of bravery and strength. This bolsters the bard’s inspire courage ability, increasing the bonus he grants his allies by +1. For example, a 6th level bard using an instrument with strings of dragon sinew could grant his allies a +2 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +2 morale bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls, rather than the +1 bonus to each the bard would normally be able to bestow. Additionally, a bard using an instrument with dragon sinew strings can provide everyone within hearing range of his music with complete immunity from the frightful presence effect of the breed of dragon from which the strings were taken. For example, a bard using an instrument strung with white dragon sinew strings could offer everyone able to hear his music immunity to the frightful presence of a white dragon, but the strings would offer no particular help against the frightful presence of a green dragon. This immunity to frightful presence lasts as long as the bard continues playing, and for one round thereafter. Dragons are well aware of this use of their sinew, and of its effects. Further, dragons can sense when an instrument is strung with dragon sinew. A dragon will almost certainly make a bard playing music his primary target in battle, on the assumption that the instrument is strung with the sinew of the dragon’s own kind. Further, all dragons will have their reaction moved one category toward hostile for any bard with an instrument strung with dragon sinew. Unlike most strings, dragon sinew cannot be combined with other strings; the bard must completely equip his instrument with dragon sinew strings in order to gain the benefits of these strings. Note that while Seamus will not sell the sinew of the metallic, or good, dragons in his shop, they are available at the prices listed below from some less reputable dealers.

  • Black Dragon Sinew: 310 gp per string
  • Blue Dragon Sinew: 350 gp per string
  • Brass Dragon Sinew: 320 gp per string
  • Bronze Dragon Sinew: 360 gp per string
  • Copper Dragon Sinew: 340 gp per string
  • Gold Dragon Sinew: 420 gp per string
  • Green Dragon Sinew: 330gp per string
  • Red Dragon Sinew: 380 gp per string
  • Silver Dragon Sinew: 400 gp per string
  • White Dragon Sinew: 280 gp per string
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