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Draw and Quarter

Draw and Quarter

Book of Vile Darkness 3.5

By Monte Cook

First, the executioner forcefully affixes a specially prepared cord to some vital internal organs of the client, usually the intestines; this procedure deals 3d4 points of damage. Once the cord is affixed, the executioner either draws the cord himself, or attaches the other end to a horse that subsequently gallops away. The cord draws taut, pulling the intestines from the torso of the condemned. On a successful Profession (executioner) check, the condemned dies instantly. On a botched attempt, the cord comes loose prior to disembowelment, but the condemned still takes 5d6 points of additional damage.

Execution Devices
DeviceExecution DCEscape DCBotched DamageCostWeight
Draw and quarter18255d63 sp1 lb.
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