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Malleable Statue

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005

A malleable statue is crafted of alchemically-infused stone, rendering it as soft as clay. Though there is no visible change, the stone permanently assumed the consistency of clay, and may be molded and reshaped at will. A malleable statue is extremely difficult and expensive to produce, a process that takes at least one month and costs 1,000 gold pieces per ten pounds of stone.

Malleable statues are used for two purposes. First, they may be used in place of a trainer for the Craft (statue) skill. A character using a malleable statue may train his Craft (statue) skill up to 12 ranks by practicing with the statue. The malleable statue does grant the character any skill points, he must spend his own points on the skill, but the statue does effectively take the place of a trainer. The second use of a malleable statue is as an absolutely undetectable hiding place.

An item may be placed inside the malleable statue, which is then sculpted into a new form. There is absolutely no evidence on the exterior of the malleable statue that anything is concealed inside of it. While it is easy enough to rip the statue apart to find out if something is hidden inside, covering up the act is all but impossible without both skill as a sculptor and a great deal of time. Many owners of malleable statues keep a magic mouth spell cast on the statue, just in case anyone decides to Search inside it for hidden treasures.

Malleable Statue: 1,000 gp per 10 lb.

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