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Girdle, Floating

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005

Jahlia purchases a number of her more exotic fabrics and materials from him, from the finest silk of the east to the fantastic rubber of the south. For his part, Rolo seems reticent to speak about Jahlia, but will confirm that he has seen a device similar to her floating belt amongst a nation of fishermen far to the south and west.

The floating girdle, though it is worn like a belt, serves none of the normal purposes of such an item. It does not hold one’s breeches up, nor can it be used for storage, lacking anything resembling a useful pocket or pouch. The floating girdle is in fact one big mass of pouches, but none of them are accessible, having been sealed shut at the time of the item’s creation. The girdle is fashioned of leather, one full foot from top to bottom, and extends outward six inches from the body in all directions, making it a rather cumbersome piece of clothing. The girdle has from eight to 16 pouches, depending on the size of the person for whom it is intended, which are also made of leather around a thin rubber shell. Sealed inside is nothing but air.

The girdle is all but useless on land, but it is not truly intended to be worn on shore. Rather, it is meant to be worn at sea, to keep the wearer safe should he find himself unexpectedly flung overboard into the sea. The floating girdle is naturally buoyant, and will keep the character wearing it afloat indefinitely, provided he does not weigh too much for the girdle to support. Each sealed pouch of the floating girdle can support 20 pounds independently. Therefore, a girdle with ten pouches can support a 200 pound man. Note that the weight of any equipment carried also counts against the capacity of the floating girdle.

Girdle, Floating: 5 gp + 15 gp for each pouch

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