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Dress, masterwork

Dress, masterwork, woman, lady, cinderella

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose Publishing

Publish date 2005

The masterwork dress is presented here as an example of ladies’ fashion. Indeed, Jahlia’s expert craftsmanship as a dressmaker is what initially earned her a reputation as one of the finest seamstresses and tailors in the city. As the years passed and her creations grew more and more beautiful, For Every Occasion became the only place from which a woman of refined taste and sophistication would purchase a dress.

The dress is among the most common articles of female clothing in many cultures, and can be created in a nearly limitless number of styles and cuts. Masterworked dresses are tailored to each customer’s wishes, taking careful measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Using the finest silk imported from the distant east when fashioning a new dress, though if the customer prefers a different fabric, that is certainly possible as well. Masterworked dresses are famous, and are easily the equal of anything found in a noble’s outfit purchased at a lesser clothier. Wearing such a dress grants a character a +2 circumstance bonus to any Diplomacy skill checks made against a member of the noble or wealthy classes, as such people will recognise the character as one of their own. Wearing such a dress will also grant a character a +2 circumstance bonus to any Intimidate skill checks made against a member of the commoner or laborer classes, as such people will recognise the character as one of their social betters. However, as women’s fashions are fickle and change often, the circumstance bonus to Diplomacy will only be effective for one year, before the wearer of the dress is considered hopelessly out of touch.

The price given is the base price for a masterwork dress. A customer desiring an even richer garment can certainly have one made, and Jahlia is expert at pointing out the benefits of ‘upgrading’ one’s clothing in this way, accenting the base masterwork dress with slashes of cloth of gold, threads of precious metals and gemstone accents. It is possible for a character to spend as much as she is willing to part with for a truly ornate masterwork dress.

Dress, masterwork: 225 gp; 3 lb.

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