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East Asia Bronze Age (3100–300)

  • 2640 years ago. The cultivation and weaving of silk starts to be a closely guarded secret in China.
  • 2297 – A flood devastates China during the reign of Emperor Yao
  • 2452 – Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, a group of legendary rulers in Ancient China.
  • 2190 – Shi Huang Ti, first ruler of unified China, begins construction of the Great Wall of China using prisoners of war as slave labor.
  • 2037 —Emperor Shen Nong makes first tea drink by boiling fresh leaves
  • 660 BC – Jimmu Tenno, grandson of the goddess Amaterasu, begins his rule as Emperor of Japan.
  • 551-479 Confucius
  • 506 BC: Battle of Bai ju: Forces of the Kingdom of Wu under Sun Tzu defeat the forces of Chu.
  • 400 BC- Inventions, discoveries, introductions – Crossbow in Ancient China
  • 293 The Chinese State of Qin reduced the threat of the State of Wei and the State of Han with the Qin victory in the Battle of Yique.
  • 260 BC: Battle of Changping between the State of Qin and the State of Zhao in China; a decisive Qin victory.
  • 227 BC: The assassination against Ying Zheng, king of Qin State, by Jing Ke from Yan failed.
  • 225 BC: The Chinese Qin State conquers Wei.
  • 223 BC: The Chinese Qin State conquers Chu.
  • 222 BC: The Chinese Qin State conquers Yan and Zhao.
  • 221 BC: With the conquest of the State of Qi, Qin Shihuang unifies the whole of China into one empire that also included northern Vietnam, forming the Qin Dynasty.
  • 214 Qin Shi Huang of the Chinese Qin Dynasty ordered construction of the Great Wall of China.
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