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Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon

Commune with the Goddess

Level: Witch True Ritual – Witch 5
Components: V, S, M, DF, XP
Casters Required: 2
Proxy: No
Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: Close (25ft + 5 ft/2levels)
Target: One witch, usually the high priestess
Duration: 1 round per effective level
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell ResistanceYes (harmless)

When at least three witches come together (usually a high priestess and a priest or her attendants) they call down the power of the Goddess to learn what She knows. This communion is shared via the high priestess, whose body becomes the host of the essence of the Goddess. If no ‘high priestess’is present then the Goddess works through the highest-level witch present.

While this ritual is similar to the commune spell q.v. save that the information given is usually more detailed in nature, it is restricted to situations at hand. For example a proper use would be to find out the identity of the man plotting to kill the King the witches are protecting, but instead of giving the witches the identity of the actual assassin, it would reveal the rival that paid for the assassin. This spell can never be used for “personal” information, such as knowing which direction in a dungeon corridor to take, or if there is a monster waiting behind the door. Properly worded questions will give detailed responses. The Goddess also strives to educate her charges and push the witches into discovering more on their own. So, sometimes the information may be cryptic, but it is useful in all cases.

This ritual may be one of the oldest rituals known. Thessalian witches were known to have practiced during the golden age of Greece, possibly long before.

Material Components: The items required are the witch’s ritual tools. Also required are incense, oils and other expendable altar items of 50 to 100 gps in value.

Focus: The divine focus for this ritual is the witch herself. She allows herself to become a conduit to the power and essence of the Goddess. Other items maybe used such as incense and a cup or chalice, which is the symbol of the Goddess. Many witches also claim this may only be cast under the full moon while skyclad.

XP Cost: 50 XP for the primary caster (the High Priestess). Every other caster will contribute 25 XP.

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