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Consecration Ritual

Candle Illuminated Light Altar  - Desertrose7 / Pixabay, Consecration Ritual
Desertrose7 / Pixabay

Consecrates a ritual tool, altar or magical item for use.

Level: Witch True Ritual – Witch 3
Components: V, S, M, DF, XP
Casters Required: 3 for a single tool, entire coven for altar items
Proxy: Yes, the witch for whom the tool is being made for can provide all the XP
Casting Time: 12 hours + 1 hour per caster
Range: Close (25ft + 5 ft/2levels)
Target: One ritual tool or altar item
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell ResistanceYes (harmless)

This ritual is used to prepare and consecrate ritual tools, altars and magical items, both for coven and personal use.

This may be used in place of an Item Creation feat, but requires more than one witch. At least three witches working in concert are needed to create personal items. For coven items, such as the altar and altar tools, the entire coven must be at hand.

As with many witch rituals, this may only be cast during particular times of the year. Typically these are holy or high days or during a certain phase of the moon. These will vary form coven to coven. If the witch loses her tool she must recover it or wait till the next occurrence of the special date to consecrate another one.

Material Components: The item being consecrated. The item is also coated in incense, oils and/or ritual sands. A specialized marking tool is used to inscribe the witch’s personal symbol of power and other runes into the item. These items are used up in the process of the ritual.

The item consecrated is usually of high quality or even masterwork, but preference is given to items that were crafted by the witch herself regardless of her skill. The item needs to be at lest of normal quality. The price of the materials used in the rituals will not typically exceed 100 gp, but can be higher if the casters wish. Coven items will have ritual items (incense, oils, ect.) costing much higher, 1,000 gp or more.

Focus: The divine focus for this ritual is the item itself. It is infused with not only the life force of the witch (represented in the XP loss) but also the blessings of the Patron (Goddess or God).

XP Cost: 15 XP for the primary caster or for the High Priestess, for coven items. Every other caster will contribute 5 XP. The witch that the tool is being made for may provide all of the required XP for this ritual.

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