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Sabbac (Ishamel Gregor)

Sabbac (Ishamel Gregor)
Who Is Black Adam Supervillain Sabbac? What Are His Powers? – First Curiosity

Sabbac is the name of three American comic book supervillains appearing in DC Comics. The original character debuted in Captain Marvel Jr. #4 (February 1943), and was created by Otto Binder and Al Carreno as an enemy of Captain Marvel Jr., while an updated version debuted in Outsiders #8 (March 2004), and was created by Judd Winick and Tom Raney as a nemesis for both Junior and the Outsiders superhero team. A third version was introduced in Justice League #21 (August 2013), and was created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank as an adversary for the Shazam Family and an associate of Black Adam and the Seven Deadly Sins of Man.

The Ishmael Gregor version of the character made its live-action debut in the television series Arrow, played by David Meunier. The Ishmael Gregor version appears in the DC Extended Universe film Black Adam (2022), played by Marwan Kenzari.

Ishamel Gregor, Sabbac

d20 DC Universe – Page 15 – Dicefreaks

Medium Outsider (Evil, Proxy)

106 WP, 783 VP (27d8+567)
Initiative: +14
Speed: 585 ft., fly 1170 ft. (perfect)
AC: 34 (+5 Dex, +10 natural, +9 speed), touch 24, flat-footed 20
Base Attack/Grapple: +27/+60
Attack: Claw +57 melee (4d6 + 31) ) or fire bolt +42 ranged touch (10d6 fire)
Full Attack: 2 claws +57 melee (4d6 + 31) and horns +57 melee (4d8 + 21) or 2 fire bolts +42 ranged touch (10d6 fire)
Space/Reach: 5 ft. /5 ft.
Special Attacks: Fire bolts, flame breath
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 50/magic and good, immune to fire, resistance to energy (acid, disintegration, force) 60, SABBAC, spell resistance 36, superspeed level 9, superstrength level 3
Saves: Fort +40, Ref +29, Will +22
Abilities: Str 52, Dex 20, Con 53, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 19
Skills: Bluff +32, Diplomacy +40, Gather Information +36, Intimidate +42, Knowledge (arcane lore) +37, Knowledge (current events) +24, Knowledge (history) +17, Knowledge (streetwise) +32, Knowledge (theology and philosophy) +24, Listen +17, Research +31, Sense Motive +31, Spot +17
Feats: Adroit Flyby Attack, Dash, Flyby Attack, Improved Grapple, Improved Multiattack, Multiattack, Power Attack
Epic Feats: Epic Fortitude, Epic Speed, Epic Will
Climate/Terrain: New York City
Organization: Solitary (unique)
Challenge Rating: 40
Treasure: Triple standard
Alignment: Neutral evil

Sabbac’s natural weapons count as evil aligned weapons for penetrating damage reduction and regeneration.

Fire Bolts He can fire blasts of magical flame from his palms, dealing 10d6 points of fire damage with a ranged touch attack. They have a range of 100 feet. This fire deals an additional 50% damage to creatures with the Good subtype.

Flame Breath: Once every 1d4 rounds as a standard action, Gregor may unleash a 20 foot cone of magical fire from his mouth, dealing 20d8 points of fire damage. (Reflex DC 44 half) This fire deals an additional 50% damage to creatures with the Good subtype.

SABBAC: By calling out “Sabbac” as a standard action, Gregor calls upon the dark powers that grant him their might. Gregor also loses all of his Sabbac special qualities in his normal form. He becomes a normal human male of 9 HD.

Gregor possesses the following divine powers while Sabbac.

Puissance of Satan: Sabbac possesses a +36 profane bonus to Constitution and damage reduction 50/magic and good.
Flames of Aym: Sabbac possesses fire bolts and flame breath. He is immune to fire.
Might of Belial: Sabbac possesses resistance to energy (acid, disintegration, force) 60. He may fly twice his normal movement rate with perfect maneuverability.
Power of Beelzebub: Sabbac possesses a +36 profane bonus to Strength and super strength level 3.
Guile of Asmodeus: Sabbac possesses spell resistance 36 and a +6 profane bonus to Intimidate and Knowledge (arcane lore) checks.
Beastiality of Createis: Sabbac receives a +6 enhancement bonus to Dexterity and super speed level 9. He has claw and horn natural attacks.

Superspeed Level 9 (Ex): The following benefits are provided from superspeed level 9:
+9 speed bonus to AC, initiative, and Reflex saves.
+9 speed bonus to attack rolls.
+4 speed bonus to melee damage rolls.

He may make 9 swift actions in a round.
He reduces the amount of time to complete an action by 2 steps, allowing him to take full-round actions as move actions actions and standard actions as swift actions.

Characters with less than superspeed level 3 are considered flat-footed for the purposes of Sabbac’s attacks. Characters with uncanny dodge have an effective superspeed level equal to their Dexterity modifier for this purpose.

While using the run action, Sabbac moves 20 times his movement rate (11,700 feet; fly 23,400 feet).

Superstrength Level 3: The following benefits are provided from superstrength level 3.
+6 melee damage bonus.
+3 bonus on grapple and bull rush checks.
Lift capacity x8.

Skills: He has a +6 profane bonus to Intimidate and Knowledge (arcane lore) checks.

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