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CE Asian History

CE East Asian History

  • 105 Cai Lun of China invents paper
  • 125Zhang Heng of China invents the world’s first water-powered armillary sphere
  • 132:Zhang Heng of China invents first seismometer to detect the cardinal direction
    of earthquakes
  • 200 Inventions, discoveries, introductions
    • The South Pointing Chariot invented by Ma Jun, a wheeled mechanical device that acts as a directional compass
    • An early type of hot air balloon used for military signalling was invented by Zhuge Liang.
    • The repeating crossbow an improved version of a model that first appeared during the Warring States Period
    • Zhuge Liang invented a primitive land mine type device.
  • 208: the Chinese naval Battle of Red Cliffs occurs.
  • 220: The Han Dynasty comes to an end with establishment of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China.
  • 265: The Jin Dynasty reunites China under one empire after the conquest of Eastern Wu.
  • 650,The first Chinese Paper money is issued.
  • 800 Gunpowder in China: Gunpowder was, according to prevailing academic consensus, discovered by Chinese alchemists searching for an elixir of immortality.

CE Central Asian History

370 Huns invade Eastern Europe

CE West Asian History

  • 200 – A primitive form of eyeglasses were developed for a nearsighted princess in Syria.
  • 522: Byzantines obtain silkworm eggs and begin silkworm cultivation
  • 529—534 Justinian I publishes the Code of Civil Law. This compiled centuries of legal writings and imperial pronouncements into three parts of one body of law.
  • 541-542: First pandemic of Bubonic Plague (Plague of Justinian) hits Constantinople and the rest of Byzantine Empire.
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