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Calling the Quarters

orange, warm, hues-2912863.jpg Calling the Quarters

Creates a permanent magic circle for the covenstead.

Level: Witch True Ritual – Witch 6
Components: V, S, M, DF, XP
Casters Required: at least three, or entire coven.
Proxy: No
Casting Time: 10 minutes per coven member present.
Range: Close (25ft + 5 ft/2levels)
Target: One area
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell ResistanceYes (harmless)

The covenstead is a sacred place. It is here that energies are harnessed, the Patrons called and rituals enacted. It is here that a witch is her strongest. By means of this ritual the coven enchants the covenstead and prepares it for magical use. The ritual is then “renewed” at every meeting of the coven.

This ritual creates a permanent Thaumaturgic circle for the coven’s use. Any metamagic feat may be applied to the creation of the circle and it will then be applied to spells cast by witches within the circle. Effective caster level is determined as above and the metamagical feats applied to spells are calculated using this effective level.

The Craft Magic Circle feat is not required for this spell.

Renewing the circle: This spell may be recast with any other metamagical feat. Spells cast within the circle then have that feat applied to them. This lasts for the duration the coven meets in the circle, until dismissed or 24 hours, whichever happens first. The costs are only for the feat itself and any costs associated with the spells cast.

Material Components: The materials required to be inlaid into the covenstead. Often these are precious metals or powdered gems, but they could also be special pigments and inks if the coven desides to ‘paint’ the circle. Many of the items required will already be part of the coven but materials totaling 1,000 gold pieces are not uncommon. Cost will not likely run more than 5,000 gp even for the most ornate of circles. If the coven has access to a Metamagical Thaumaturgic Circle (q.v.) magic item then the cost for the circle can be cut in half.

If one of coven members has the Craft Magic Circle feat then the casting time can be reduced by one minute per 3 levels of the caster. If more than one member has the feat then the time reduced may be applied to each member casting with the feat. The XP cost for the use of the feat are not included below.

Focus:The divine focus for this ritual is the coven. They call down the power of their Patrons to bless the coven space.

XP Cost: 500 XP for each caster plus any costs that the spells or metamagical feats require.

Example: The Daughters of the Flame are constructing a new holy area. They have 19 members in their coven with the high priestess. The high priestess is granted this spell by her Patron, the Goddess Brigit, and construction begins. Brigit is a Goddess of fire, so stones of red, orange and yellow are used to construct the circle. Three of the coven members are 9th level and have the Craft Magic Circle feat, so the 20’ diameter circle costs each of them 800 XP, but they also may remove a total of nine minutes from the casting time (three witches at three minutes each). So the base time is 190 minutes minus 9 or 181 minutes. Each witch also contributes 500 XP (1,300 total for the each witch with the Craft Magic Circle feat).

There are 19 members of the coven and the High Priestess is 13 th level, so the effective caster level of this spell is 13 + 18 coven members + 1, since they are acting as a single coven, for a total of 32. If even one member is missing they lose 1 level for that member and the extra 1 level for a complete coven.

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