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Sultan of Brass City

Sultan of Brass City
Sultan of Brass City – AI Generated Artwork

You see a pleasantly plump man with a curly white beard, moustache and hair. He barely stands 5 ½ feet tall. He is dressed in white sultan’s clothing and has a tan. Upon closer inspection, however, you realize it isn’t a tan at all. In fact it is metallic brass in color. His eyes are red, while his irises are golden. A brass crown, encrusted with many rubies, sits atop his head. On his left pinky, rest a simple brass ring. Clutched in his right is a brass falchion, dotted with rubies along the back of the blade. This is The Sultan of Brass City.

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Solomon was a real-life sultan. He conquered many lands, killing many, and spanning his empire across the Mortal Coil. One day, his reign of terror came to an abrupt halt.

He met up against, a now forgotten, army, which specialized in fire. Solomon had never seen humans control fire so gracefully. They disintegrated his men before his very eyes. Solomon ran into hiding as his vast empire crumbled around him. He slowly gained an attraction to fire, as it was powerful and could destroy anything. He saw fire as a way of gaining his empire back with ease.

Solomon swore to gain his empire back. Only this time it would be undefeatable. To do this he enlisted the help of fire elementals, by way of a summon spell. He saw their control over fire much greater than a human could have. Using his new found army of elementals, he quickly took vengeance against the army that defeated him long ago. His empire quickly grew once again. But there was one thing that Solomon overlooked. The fire elementals were not under his full control. They already had leaders, the Fire Archomentals, Imix and Zamaan-Rul. Slowly, the fire elementals returned home to serve their masters, and Solomon’s empire crumbled once more, as he had no army, and therefore no power.

Solomon had to find a powerful race, that had control over fire, to call his own. That’s when he set his eyes on the Efreeti. He knew he couldn’t just rush into the Elemental Plane of Fire and take over. Instead he spent many years creating way to control of them through magic. After ten years he created the Ring of Solomon. Using this artifact, he had the power to force many Efreeti to bow before his feet. Only strong willed Efreeti stood against Solomon.

They met on the battlefield, where the Brass City sits to this day, and fought. The opposing Efreeti received help from unlikely allies, the Djinni. The Djinni helped out only because they saw Solomon as a greater threat in the near future. The combined forces of Efreeti and Djinni, however, could not stop Solomon. Solomon’s army, though filled with the weakest of Efreeti, greatly outnumbered them.

It wasn’t even a day before the opposing Efreeti and Djinni were wiped out. The Djinni retreated back to their homeworld and began building up their defenses. The surviving Efreeti were forced to swear allegiance to Solomon. This however was not enough for Solomon. He wanted more. He forced the Efreeti to give up all their treasure. Solomon was disappointed with what he received. He received piles upon piles on brass jewelry, weaponry, and coins.

Just then, he had an idea. Instead of returning to the Mortal Coil, he would make his home here. He forced the Efreeti to melt their prized brass treasure and create the Brass City. It was at this point he abandoned his name, and replaced it with a title, The Sultan of Brass City.

Years later, as the opposing Efreeti were eventually killed, the Efreeti grew to like The Sultan of Brass City, not knowing of what he did long ago. Only few know what happened so long ago, but dare not to speak of it out loud.

The Sultan of Brass City stands 5 ½ ft. tall and weighs 250 pounds.

Sultan of Brass City
Medium Outsider (Evil, Extraplanr)
HD: 70d8 + 700 + 160 (1,420 hp)
Initiative: +20
Speed: 60 ft., fly 90 ft.
AC: 75 (+18 deflection, +12 Dexterity, +35 natural) touch 40, flat-footed 63
BAB/ Grapple: +70/+81

Attack: +8 fiery blast, keen, speed, large falchion, Brass Blade +93 melee (2d6 + 32 + 3d6 fire/14-20/x2)
Full attack: +8 fiery blast, keen, speed, large falchion, Brass Blade +93/+93/+88/+83/+78melee (2d6 + 32 + 3d6 fire/14-20/x2)
Space/reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special attacks: Burning Brass Skin, Burning Gaze, Spell-Like Abilities, Summon Efreeti
Special qualities: Aura of the Sultan, Brass Skin, Darkvision 120 ft., DR30/ greater epic and adamantine, DR 15/-, Fast Healing 20, Immunity to fire, Energy Resistance to acid, cold, and electricity 35, SR 69, Sultan of Fire, telepathy 100 ft.
Saves: Fort +53, Ref +55, Will +53
Abilities: Strength 32, Dexterity 35, Constitution 31, Intelligence 32, Wisdom 30, Charisma 47

Skills: Appraise +84, Bluff +91, Concentration +83, Diplomacy +91, Escape Artist +85, Heal +83, Intimidate +91, Knowledge (arcana) +84, Knowledge (the planes) +84, Listen +85, Move Silently +85, Search +84, Sense Motive +83, Spellcraft +86, Spot +85, Survival +83, Swim +84(86 in magma), Tumble +85, Use Magic Device +93

Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, Dodge, Forge Ring, Great Fortitude, Greater Weapon Focus (falchion), Greater Weapon Specialization (falchion), Improved Critical (falchion), Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Spring Attack, Weapon Focus (falchion), Weapon Specialization (falchion)

Epic Feats: Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, Epic Toughness (x8 ), Epic Weapon Focus (falchion), Epic Weapon Specialization (falchion)Epic Willpower, Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Forge Epic Ring, Superior Initiative
Environment: Elemental Plane of Fire
Organization: Solitary(unique) or Group ( 1 Efreet (sorcerer 25) and 6 Efreeti (fighter20))
CR: 49
Treasure: Quintuple Standard and Brass Blade, Crown of the Sultan, Ring of Solomon
Alignment: Lawful Evil

sultan ahmet mosque, cami, mosque-6604492.jpg, Sultan of Brass City

Combat: The Sultan of Brass City loves to sit on his throne while his Efreeti do all the work. He’ll occasionally use his spell-like abilities to even the battlefield. He also keeps his Aura of the Sultan active to give his fiery minions a better chance of surviving the encounter. The Sultan is no slouch, when forced into melee combat. He can overwhelm even the greatest of fighters in melee combat, using his Brass Blade.

  • Aura of the Sultan of Brass Cityn (Su): The Sultan radiates a brilliant brass aura. This aura has a range of 300 ft. and various effects.
  • Any Efreeti or fire type creature (that serve The Sultan) in this aura gains the following bonuses for as long as they stay within range.
  • – Fast Healing equal to double their Constitution modifiers. If they already have fast healing, use which ever is higher.
  • – SR equal to 15 + CR.
  • – Any spell-like abilities, with the fire descriptor, cast by the efreeti is empowered.
  • *Any non-efreeti takes 5d6 points of fire damage per round. Reflex save DC 63 halves damage. The DC is Charisma-based.

Brass Skin: The Sultan of Brass City’s skin has magically turned brass over the years he has stayed in the Brass City. He gains the following traits.
– DR 15/-
– Immunity to fire
– Burning Brass Skin (see below)
– SR equal to 20 + CR

Burning Brass Skin (Ex): The Sultan of Brass City’s skin is superheated and deals 3d6 points of damage if he touches a creature. Grappled creatures take 10d6 points of fire damage per round. Any flammable material catches on fire. He may choose whether his skin burns or not.

Burning Gaze (Su): The Sultan of Brass City’s gaze is destructive. Anyone who meets The Sultan’s gaze, is also met by an intense wave of heat that deals 10d6 points of fire damage. Reflex save DC 63 halves damage. The targeted creature must also succeed of Fortitude save DC 63 or catch on fire, as their skin bursts into flames. If unsuccessful, the targeted creature takes 2d6 points of Constitution damage for 3 rounds. If targeted creature’s Constitution score reaches 0, they disintegrate into brass ashes. Those who die this way cannot be raised unless there is at least a handful of ashes left and the raiser uses a miracle or wish spell. The DC is Charisma-based.

*The Sultan can choose whether the targeted creature is affected or not.

Spell-Like Abilities: CL 70th; DC 28 + spell level

  • Always active- detect magic, detect snares and pits, discern lies, mind blank, read and comprehend language, see invisibility, tongues, true seeing
  • at will – aid, animate objects, commune, continual flame, cure serious wounds, dimensional anchor, eagle’s splendor, fire storm, fireball, flaming ray, flaming sphere, greater dispel magic, greater teleport (self plus 200 lbs only), imprisonment, incendiary cloud, invisibility (self only), lesser restoration, orb of fire, polymorph (self only), pyrotechnic, remove curse, remove disease, remove fear, resist energy, scorching ray, unholy blight, wall of fire, waves of fatigue
  • 6/day-elemental swarm(fire), gate, heal, mass charm monster, meteor swarm, permanency, resurrection, waves of exhaustion
  • 3/day- disintegrate, gate, greater restoration, power word blind, power word kill, power word stun, prismatic sphere, wish.

Sultan of Brass City of Fire: The Sultan possesses the following traits.
-Divine Rank 0
-Is healed by fire damage.
-All fire damage dealt by The Sultan of Brass City ignores fire resistance and immunity.
– Any non-epic weapon striking The Sultan is automatically melted and destroyed.
– The Sultan spell-like abilities that deal fire damage are empowered, enlarged, maximized, and widened.

Summon Efreeti (Sp): 5/day The Sultan of Brass City can summon 3d8 efreeti.

Summon Fire Creatures (Sp): 3/day The Sultan of Brass City can summon 70HD of creatures with the fire subtype.

Possessions: Aside from the Ring of Solomon, The Sultan created two more powerful items.

Brass Blade: This sword appears as a falchion made of brass with rubies encrusted along the back of the blade. It functions as a +8 fiery blast, keen, speed, large falchion.

Crown of the Sultan of Brass City: This crown is made of brass and encrusted with many rubies. This crown was created so that an Efreet would never strike him again. If they do, they instantly die unless they succeed on a Fortitude save DC63. If successful the crown immediately creates a barrier that provides The Sultan of Brass City with DR 30/- against attacking Efreeti only. Efreeti slain by this crown cannot be raised unless The Sultan wills it so.

Ring of Solomon: Solomon created this ring to gain control over the Efreeti. Whenever Solomon raises his hand, to flash his ring, an Efreet must make a Will save DC 63 or bow before his presence. If unsuccessful, the Efreet becomes a permanent fanatic follower. If successful, the Efreet cannot be affected again until 24 hours have passed. The DC is Charisma-based.

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