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Image © Andrei Peruvkhin, accessed at his deviantArt page here

A human woman stands here, her skin and long hair caked with filth. Her fingernails are long and crooked, almost like claws. Her skin has an odd sheen to it, and a swarm of vermin fly around and crawl over her body.

Creature Codex

The terrifying sorcerers known as mambabarang are spellcasters who sacrifice their humanity in exchange for command over vermin. The paths leading to becoming a mambabarang are numerous, as many as the paths to lichdom, but most mambabarangs have sworn oaths to powerful demon lords of disease, consumption and monstrous insects in order to effect their transformation. As such, mambabarangs are evil more often than not, and goodly mambabarangs are all but unheard of.

Although the spells of the mambabarang are fearsome indeed, none of their abilities inspires so much terror as does the creeping curse, a means by which a mambabarang can cause their enemies to sicken and die over long distances by causing their flesh to be consumed as if by insects. A lucky victim of the creeping curse may experience internal bleeding and discomfort that passes in days or weeks, but a truly doomed victim is eaten from the inside out, leaving a horribly mutilated corpse.

Creating a Mambabarang

“Mambabarang” is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid capable of casting spells (hereafter known as the “base creature”). A mambabarang retains all of the base creature’s statistics except as follows.

CR As base creature +2 (minimum CR 1)

Type Creature type changes to monstrous humanoid. Do not recalculate Hit Dice, Base Attack, saving throws or skills

AC Natural armor increases by +2

Defensive Abilities A mambabarang gains immunity to poison and the distraction special attack and gains the following ability:

Swarm Armor (Ex) A mambabarang is always covered in a crawling layer of insects, arachnids and other vermin. A mambabarang gains DR 1/- for every 2 Hit Dice she has (minimum DR 1/-). The swarm armor is vulnerable to spells or effects that deal damage in an area, such as breath weapons or alchemical weapons.Any such attacks that deal an amount of damage equal to twice the mambabarang’s Hit Dice destroys the swarm armor. A mambabarang whose swarm armor is destroyed regains the use of their swarm armor the next day.

Melee The mambabarang gains two claw attacks that deal damage as normal for a creature of its size.

Special Attacks A mambabarang gains the following special attacks

Creeping Curse (Su) 
As an action that takes 1 minute, a mambabarang can attempt to place a curse on a creature. This ability can function at any distance, although if the mambabarang and the target are on different planes, the curse fails. The save DC of this curse is equal to 10 +½ the mambabarang’s Hit Dice + the mambabarang’s Charisma modifier, and is modified by connection to and familiarity with the target in the same way as a scrying spell. If the target fails a Fortitude save, it is subject to the following curse:

Creeping Curse
Frequency 1/day for 1 day/Hit Dice of the mambabarang; Effect sickened 1 day and 1d3 Con damage.

A single target can only be the victim of a single creeping curse. A mambabarang can use this ability once per day.

Spell-like Abilities A mambabarang has a cumulative number of spell-like abilities based on its Hit Dice. Each of these abilities is usable 1/day. CL equals the base creature’s Hit Dice, or the CL of the base creature’s spell-like abilities, whichever is higher.


* this spell originally appeared in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player’s Guide

Abilities Change from the base creature as follows: Con +4, Int +2, Cha +2.

Tala CR 10

XP 9,400

LE Medium monstrous humanoid

Mambabarang human witch 10
Init +8; Senses Perception +0


AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 17(+2 Dex, +2 natural, +4 armor, +1 deflection)
hp 81(10d6+30 plus 16)

+7, Ref +6, Will +8


Defensive Abilities 
swarm armor; Immune distraction, poison


Speed 30 ft., fly 40 ft (good)

2 claws +3 (1d4-1)

Special Attacks 
crawling curse (Will DC 20), hexes (Will DC 20, cackle, disguise, evil eye -4, misfortune [2 rounds], retribution, tongues)

CL 10th, concentration +15 (+19 when casting defensively)

5th—baleful polymorph (DC 20), cloudkill (DC 20), overland flight

4th—black tentacles, confusion (DC 19), dimension door, extended blink

3rd—bestow curse (DC 18), dispel magic, extended false life,vampiric touch

2nd—blindness/deafness (DC 17), cure moderate wounds, fester*(DC 17), invisibility, spectral hand

1st—burning hands (DC 16), command (DC 16), identify, mage armor, mount, ray of enfeeblement (DC 16)

0th—detect magic, light, read magic, touch of fatigue (DC 15)*This spell first appeared in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player’s Guide

Spell-like Abilities 
CL 10th, concentration +13 (+17 when casting defensively)1/day—contagion (DC 17), giant vermin, poison (DC 17), spider climb, vomit swarm*


Before Combat Tala casts overland flight, extended false life and mage armor on herself every morning. These are included in her stat block above.

During Combat 
Tala uses giant vermin to keep opponents out of melee and shapes the battlefield using spells like black tentacles or cloudkill. Once her enemies are weakened and separated, she casts spectral hand in order to cast touch spells at a distance.

Tala fears for her own life and will escape via dimension door or flight if reduced to 20 or fewer hit points. She is adept at bearing grudges, and those who invoke her wrath will be subjected to her crawling curse.


Str 8, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 20, Wis10, Cha 16

Base Atk 
+4; CMB +3; CMD 20
Feats Ability Focus (crawling curse),Brew Potion, Combat Casting,Defensive Combat Training, Extend Spell, Improved Initiative

Skills Fly +20, Intimidate +13, Knowledge (arcana) +18, Knowledge (nature) +18, Knowledge (planes) +9, Spellcraft +18, Stealth +12

Gear headband of intellect +2 (Stealth), ring of deflection +1, cloak of resistance +1, necklace of fireballs type II, potion of cure moderate wounds, bone jewelry worth 110 gp, tanglefoot bag, 10 gp

SQ familiar (scorpion named Kidlat), patron (Deception), vermin empathy

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